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© 2015 Entrinsik, Inc. 1 Informer Quick and Easy Business Intelligence TM

© 2015 Entrinsik, Inc. 1 Informer Quick and Easy Business Intelligence TM

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Quick and Easy Business IntelligenceTM 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#AgendaWhat is Informer Informers capabilitiesUsing the softwareHow universities use InformerDemo

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#A30+ years experiencePart of the Research Triangle Over 1,500 organizations around the globe use our softwaresStrong credibility and credentials in the Higher Ed market (over 350 colleges and universities use Informer)

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#(North Carolina State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, e as cidades Raleigh, Durham e Chapel Hill.)Its no surprise now that the Park is nowhome to 170 companiesthat include Biogen Idec, Syngenta, United Therapeutics, Cisco, Bayer CropScience, Eisai, BASF,The "Triangle" name was cemented in the public consciousness in the 1950s with the creation ofResearch Triangle Park, home to numerous high-tech companies and enterprises. Although the name is now used to refer to the geographic region, "the Triangle" originally referred to the universities, whose research facilities, and the educated workforce they provide, have historically served as a major attraction for businesses located in the region.1 Top City for Small Business (Raleigh, NC) --Bizjournals, February 20091 Americas Smartest Cities (RaleighDurham, NC) --The Daily Beast, October 20091 Fastest-Growing Metropolitan Area in the Country (RaleighCary, NC) -- U.S. Census Bureau, March 20091 Best Place for Business and Careers (Raleigh, NC) -- Forbes.com, March 20093 Best Places to Launch a Small Business (Raleigh, NC) -- CNNMoney.com, October 20093 Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs (RaleighDurham) -EntrepreneurMagazine, September, 20051 High Tech Region (RaleighDurham) -- "Daring To Compete: A Region-to-Region Reality Check," Silicon Valley Leadership Group, September 16, 20052 Top Business Opportunity Metros (Durham MSA, RaleighCary MSA) -- 2005 Mayor's Challenge "Top Business Opportunity Metros",Expansion Management, July 11, 2005North Carolina can boast considerable strength in the higher education sector. In the 2011 QS World University Rankings, four of the states universities ranked impressively.Ahead of the pack is private institution,Duke University, which came 19th. Duke is one of the worlds most famous and elite universities.

3BI, analysis and reporting solution; web-basedOver 350 higher ed institutions use Informer30 year experience in higher ed marketAware of educational Market`s needs and trendsQuick implementation and brief trainingCompetitive pricing

Informer: It`s your data, we help you use it

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#They assign the vendor high ratings in terms of ease of use and are more than likely to recommend the product to their peers. Often, Entrinsik becomes a customers defacto BI tool because it is quick to set up, easy to use, priced affordably, and comes with superior customer service and support. Entrinsiks strength is that it enables users to create reports and dashboards directly from source data. Informer is an operational BI product that complements traditional BI tools that primarily query data warehouses or other predefined dimensional or analytical structures. Its competitors include Logi Analytics, Tableau and Yellowfin. 4Benefits

Quickly access different data bases in real timeNative connections and query commandsImportExport capabilities: able to share reports and dashboards with other institutions using same ERP systemReal time insights as information changes to make quick business decisionsQuick and easy installation get rolling in days, not months 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Conecte-se a todas suas bases de dadosCrie relatrios e dashboards usando vrios bancos de dados diferentesUm nico software para attender todas a necessidades de relatrios do seu negcioConstrua vizualizaes comparando dados de vrias fontes, no importando onde ou como esto armazenados

5Why Informer?

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Top ranked dashboard vendor in chosen as standard How often the product is chosen to standardize on by respondents at multi-product sites. Clearly, Entrinsik is leading the way in terms of setting the standards as to what dashboard and ad hoc reporting environments enterprises need to adopt. The vendors customers rank the company higher than all other dashboard and ad-hoc reporting tools providers.Leading dashboard vendor in recommendation Based on how many users would recommend the product to others. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising and marketing medium, one that marketing dollars cant buy. Entrinsiks customers place the vendors Informer product in very high esteem, providing aboveaverage rankings in both the Dashboard and Ad-Hoc Reporting vendors peer groups.Top ranked dashboard vendor in project length Based on how quickly the product is implemented Measures user satisfaction with the level of the implementers support for the product

Among leading dashboard vendors, Entrinsik places second in terms of value, and also receives above-average ratings as an ad hoc reporting tools vendor. Informer fits well into most modern data environments, as it is supported through browser access with JavaScript, rich Web client and RPC calls to servers.6What our users say

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#TrustRadius is the leading online community for professionals to exchange candid insights and opinions about business software through in-depth user reviews.7This just in!Gleanster Benchmark Report Data Visualization

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#This just in!

Also worthy of note, Entrinsik successfully drove the most customer survey participation to the Data Visualization survey over any solution provider in Gleanster history. When your brand can rally 80+ unique customers to participate in a survey, youve got some street cred among your install base.2015 Gleanster Benchmark Report on Data Visualizations 2015 Gleanster, LLC 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Easy to use by non-technical staff

Easy and modern interfaceNo software development training neededNo query language trainingOne platform with intuitive functionalities (point and click, drag and drop) 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#How Informer works:

ExcelINFORMERMoodleERP SystemData base 1RelatriosRelatriosRelatrios

ReportsQuick decisionsReal time dataAgilityAll in one place 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Informer

DATA WAREHOUSEDedicated professionalsAdditional HardwareSeparate databeseMonths of training 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Scheduling and filing

Recurrence: immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, etcSaving options: Email, saving, exportingAlertsSecurity settingsExporting options:CSVPDF Live Excel XMLWebpage (HTML)Customize, Tab delimited (.txt)Fixed length

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Tight integration with various ERP systemsPartners:

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Dashboards

Instant analysis and visualization of your reports and KPIsUse any data baseExport options: Excel, Spreadsheets, Google docs.Monitor and interact with your metrics using real time data

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Dashboards

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Some Informer clients

2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#How universities use Informer

Saves IT timeAll your data in one single platformFree up HRHelps reporting to government and regulatory agencies Quick decisions over enrollment periodsThe Dashboards transform data into visual representations, a portrait of statisticsExecutives want agility and numbers at their fingertipsEveryone has access to the data 2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#1- (cada usurio pode construir seu prprio relatrio) TI pode usar este tempo para desenvolver melhor a rea2- : confiana nos dados3- Quantos alunos esto matriculados, quantos financiamentos foram emitidos neste ano: 4- Departamento Financeiro adora pois ajuda a prestar contas ao MEC, etc5- ajuda a saber quantas turmas j esto cheias, onde precisamos aumentar vagas ou salas, etc6- : a informao mais atual fica disponvel para tomadas de deciso importantes7- , no querem procurar dados em um relatrio complexo, nem fazer frmulas de Excell (quanto gastamos com a folha de pagamento este ms, qual o nmero de matrculas? Quantos financiamentos?)8- Os termos e a interface so simples e intuitivos


2015 Entrinsik, Inc.#Thank you!

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