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This is our slide deck we used in our internal session showing how our process could scale. Obviously, some of it needs explanation, but you can see how we demonstrated that our work can indeed scale. Notice how we create a narrative around it to help make it more tangible for our staff.

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  • 1. Venn Consulting Office 365 Intranet Adam Krueger & Chris Poteet

2. 2011 All rights reserved. 2 Background Venn Consulting is a 70 person company (1o of them contractors) located in Washington D.C. Venn specializes in assisting agencies seeking to acquire and maintain ISO compliance through their processes. Their average project size is ~$65k. Their core team for this project includes their CIO, their KM lead, a project manager, and head of IT services. 3. 2011 All rights reserved. 3 Business Objectives Workshop The goal in this exercise is to establish, with the stakeholders, what the main, guiding goals and principles are from an organizational perspective. These objectives assist in framing the UX research scripts and sessions. The workshop takes between 1-1.5 hours. 4. 2011 All rights reserved. 4 Business Objectives Reduce the barriers to effective digital collaboration focused on project execution and estimation. Provide a forum to communicate organizational news, needs, events, etc. Empower self-services including things like benefits management and IT support. Facilitate the introduction of a new technological platform that will eventually include Lync, Exchange, etc. Reduce employee on-boarding due to project turnover. 5. 2011 All rights reserved. 5 Audience Definition Workshop First, PS needs to understand the types of people to cover during research and design. A 1.5 hour session is facilitated between a consultant and the stakeholder team. The stakeholder team comes to the meeting with homework provided by PS in the form of a blank XLS with instructions. During the meeting the audiences are refined. 6. 2011 All rights reserved. 6 Create Interview Scripts Due to the scope of this envision, we will take some existing stock script questions and contextualize them based on our known business objectives. After creating the script, choose no more than two people from your audience and interview. If you have lots of audiences, either seek to merge audiences, or include other types of people in your interviews. 7. 2011 All rights reserved. 7 Sample Interview Script An interview script is written to facilitate the conversation. Ask questions with a emphasis on understanding goals, barriers, tasks, motivations, priorities, habits, relationships, tools, and environment. Interview stakeholders first to allow them to be comfortable with the process and refine your script. Have enough questions to fill about an hour. 8. 2011 All rights reserved. 8 Contextual Inquiry Even though the interview findings give us insight, they cant give us a full picture of the breadth of how these employees work. We pick one person from our sales team and another from our project delivery team to shadow in a contextual inquiry session. We choose Mary who is a project manager for the ISO projects, and we also decide to shadow James a brand new employee. We want to see more in practice of how Mary handles the day-to-day of project collaboration. James will give us insight into self-service needs and company communication. 9. 2011 All rights reserved. 9 Contextual Inquiry Findings Mary We see that Marys work domain encompasses several different locations due to working with other team members. This makes work consistency difficult. Mary has filled her desktop with shortcuts to documents on file shares. She also has a post-it note on her monitor with important links. Obtaining sign off for project deliverables is an extremely manual process. James James was given a folder with a list of on-boarding tasks. He was told by other employees to ignore it since its old, and he was just emailed by another employee all the docs he needs. He was unable to locate any of the necessary HR forms to enroll in his benefits. 10. 2011 All rights reserved. 10 Interview Findings Document duplication has become a problem both in file share folders and e-mailing. No single source of truth. Inability to manage company records, forms, templates effectively. Traversing the file share hierarchy is painful and almost impossible. Managing permissions on folders is difficult. 11. 2011 All rights reserved. 11 Interview Findings The ability to search is not robust enough. Receiving information about the companys initiatives, plans, etc. is only found in mass emails which get lost easily. Also interested down the road of redoing the public website and possibly using SharePoint to do so. 12. 2011 All rights reserved. 12 Research Findings Presentation After completing all our research we compiled all the data. Then we organized into categories such as goals, barriers, tasks, etc. From there we prioritized all of our findings and generated a presentation organized by high- level theme to share our findings. 13. 2011 All rights reserved. 13 Usage Scenarios Usage scenarios are one way to demonstrate that we understand the needs of the organization through research and analysis. Other options include use cases, scenarios, user stories, etc. The scenarios are matched with an audience, business objective, and given a UX description. 14. 2011 All rights reserved. 14 Tracing Our Solutions Business Objectives Research Findings (User Needs) Analyze Solutions Reduce Collaboration Barriers Need Centralized Location for Collaboration Goal, Barrier, Task; High Priority Centralized Project Workspaces Examples Improve On- Boarding Efficiency Need Up-to- Date Information Goal, Barrier, Task; Medium Priority Create On- Boarding Solution 15. 2011 All rights reserved. 15 Tracing Our Solutions Another example that shows necessary relationship between user research and obj. Hopefully contextual inquiry 16. 2011 All rights reserved. 16 Content Audit Before starting to build the Venn intranet, we need to understand the amount of and kind of content that currently exists. We also need to know, from what we can, future information needs. It is a intense, time-consuming, tedious, but very important process. Venn Consulting has the bulk of their information stored on file shares, and that is reflected in our audit spreadsheet. 17. 2011 All rights reserved. 17 Card Sort Card sorting allows us to understand how users think about information and how it should be categorized. We will organize an open card sort to determine labels for our navigational schemes and how to group them. These cards come from our user research and content audit. They should be validated with the team before doing the test. Using a tool like Optimal Workshop allows us to test many users quickly, and it gives us tools for analysis. nnconsultingopencardsort 18. 2011 All rights reserved. 18 Sample Labels/Sitemap After doing our card sort analysis, we can present the Venn team our suggested hierarchy and labels for their navigation. This helps validate our direction, allows us to do usability testing, and will shape any CMS-specific information architecture. 19. 2011 All rights reserved. 19 Wireframes A user interface inventory helps the process of UI design. It involves surveying existing interfaces and noticing trends and opportunities. Armed with a UI and content audit we can start to make decisions on the user interface. Using all of our research we can make intelligent decisions about our interfaces. Page layout strategy gives them insight into our thought process. Home page wireframe can provide easy entry into employee resources, company news, and project sites. Project sites provide a centralized place for all delivery collaboration. 20. 2011 All rights reserved. 20 Usability Testing Usability testing is the best way to ensure that our design decisions are meeting business and user needs. There are many types of usability testing, due to short Venn engagement, we will do a Treejack test to ensure our navigation works. We could also do more full-scale, moderated usability testing to do further validation on the user interface. 21. 2011 All rights reserved. 21 Design Comps & Style Guide See further examples in the related documentation.