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<ol><li> 1. Portfolio of<br />Artworks<br />Robert Bean, Artist<br />All works copyright 2008-2010 by the artist<br /></li><li> 2. Where I Come From<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />32 x 39<br /></li><li> 3. It Happened Back in August New Orleans, That Is<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />32 x 24<br /></li><li> 4. Happy Birthday Dr. Bob: WeisseSeidenstrumpfe und GelbesFeiber<br />Pastel on Paper<br />50 x 38<br /></li><li> 5. Happy Birthday Dr. Bob: Turning Left<br />Pastel on Paper<br />50 x 38<br /></li><li> 6. Happy Birthday Dr. Bob Summertime Songs<br />Pastel on Paper<br />50 x 38<br /></li><li> 7. The Holiday<br />Acrylic on Claybord<br />14 x 11 (each panel)<br /></li><li> 8. The Remainder of Henrys Whisper<br />Acrylic on Claybord<br />12 x 26<br /></li><li> 9. Three Dozen Voices Downward<br />Acrylic on Claybord<br />24 x 36<br /></li><li> 10. Slow Ride to Paducah<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />10 x 20<br /></li><li> 11. Unraveled<br />Digital Photoprint<br />8 x 10<br /></li><li> 12. Second Sunday<br />Digital Photoprint<br />10 x 8<br /></li><li> 13. Yeah, I know. Thats the hard part.<br />Digital Photoprint<br />10 x 8<br /></li><li> 14. One More Hour<br />Digital Photoprint<br />8 x 10<br /></li><li> 15. Breathe BreatheBreathe<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />32 x 24<br /></li><li> 16. Mr. Shipwrecks Ten Thousand Dreams<br />Acrylic on Claybord<br />20 x 16<br /></li><li> 17. If It Wasnt For the Side Effects, Albert Would Be Lost<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />21.5 x 42.5<br /></li><li> 18. Hunh.<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />18 x 31.75<br /></li><li> 19. Do You Remember His Love Song?<br />Acrylic on Canvas<br />18 x 12<br /></li><li> 20. For more information<br />www.rbfineart.com<br />or email<br />robert@rbfineart.com<br />RB Fine Art is always interested in accepting commissioned work. Contact Robert by email to find out more.<br />Robert Bean, Artist<br />All works copyright 2008-2010 by the artist<br /></li></ol>