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Is learning code worthwhile? By Andrew Rezendes

Is learning code worthwhile?

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1. Is learning code worthwhile? By Andrew Rezendes 2. History In 1801 the rst automated loom was invented. In 1842-1843 the very rst reference to computer programming was made by Ada Lovelace, making her the very rst programmer. In 1889 the rst idea to for a machine that could read data was invented. In 1937 the very rst electronic digital computer was developed and in 1942 it was tested. John Backus of IBM invented the rst coding software, Fortron, in 1957. The rst computer game was then released in 1961 by John Backus. This is the rst account of anyone using code before the internet was released in 1992. 3. What is coding? Code is the list of instructions given to any computer in order for it to perform the desired actions. 4. The basics I used a website called Make School to help me learn the basics of coding. In this online tutorial I used to main programs, Sprite Builder and Xcode. Sprite Builder helps you make your application and help write the code for you. It helps save time in the end. I would then use Xcode to make the project come to life. You have the ability of doing everything on Xcode but Sprite Builder gives you the ability to save time and make your apps better. 5. First Project My rst project I built was a demo of Flappy Bird. 6. How this experience will help me This experience in a very great way. I have learned a ton about coding. If I choose to continue with it I would probably have to do much more research. I dont think it would be very difcult to nd a more advanced tutorial as code is gaining popularity fast in this age of technology. It was recently added to the national curriculum. Much of this project was just working on a tutorial to learn to code. If i just talked code to you, I would be talking a totally different language. 7. Works Cited "The History Of Computer Programming." The History Of Computer Programming. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. . "Log In." Make School. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. . "What Is Coding, and Why Should I Care?" Express & Star. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. .