Faber-Ludens Institute 2010 Institutional Presentation

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Faber Ludens Institute for Interaction Design is a non-profit organization to promote Design and Technology in Brazil by integrating Market and Academy. Founded in 2007, Faber-Ludens Institute partnered with Fisam and UNC, local universities, to launch a graduate course on Interaction Design that has now more than 70 students, coming from distances ranging between 100km to 2.000km. It was the first course in Brazil to bring electronics to the hands of designers, using technologies like Lego Robotics, Arduino microcontroller and Touchatag RFIDs. Aside from the courses taught, Faber-Ludens does consulting and in-company training for clients like Electrolux, Volkswagen and Federal University of Paraná. Faber-Ludens is also a research organization, but adopts a very innovative model: all the projects are developed like Free Software, so every member of the community can collaborate through the Faber-Ludens website and it´s email lists, that has more than 900 subscribers. It´s a vibrant community.

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  • 1.Institutional PresentationFaber-Ludens Institute for Interaction Design Curitiba, September 7th, 2010.

2. User Experienceis not a diagram. 3. User Experience (UX) are that magic moments when do you feel that everything around you is perfect. 4. Interaction Design is a methodology for designing the User Experience across multiple environments and devices. 5. Faber-Ludens Institute Non-profit organization Promoting Design + Technology Activities in four fields Education Research Consultancy Social Projects 6. StrategyAcademyMarketProjects 7. Achievements from 2007 to 2010 Post-graduate course with 70 students (in partenership with Fisam/UnC universities) 14 UX workshops 08 in-company training 23 talks on UX Online community with 900 members and 4000 messages 5.000 web pages of user generated content 17 thousands of visits per month 8. Experimenting with Postits, Lego Mindstorms and Arduino within our post-graduate course 9. InCompany training with practical and fun exercises focused on the organization needs. 10. Social projects in partnership with educational institutions and NGOs. 11. Clients 12. Services 13. Ethnographic Interviews Focus Groups Research 14. UX Planning Interaction Interface DesignModelling 15. Usability TestHeuristic Card-SortingEvaluation 16. www.faberludens.com Leandro Henrique de Souza leandro.henrique@faberludens.com.br +55 (041) 8832-6500