Designing on mars: Participatory techniques for designing and training in unfamiliar environments

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How to introduce young adults living in a city in the north-west of Burkina Faso to the potential uses of Internet services? How these would impact / change different aspects of their daily lives? This talk - presented at the Service Design Network Conference 2010 ( - describes a project done by Giovanni Innella and Franco Papeschi. It also introduces a bespoke set of techniques (Transformational Probes) used during the training and workshops.


1. DESIGNING ON MARSParticipatory techniques for designing and trainingin unfamiliar environmentsService Design Conference, Berlin|October 14th2010 2. GIOVANNI | @giovanninnellaFRANCO | @bobbywatson 3. 3HERE 4. GDP204th/227$1,200 per capitaSources: 5. Population below poverty line46,4%Sources: 6. Unemployement rate197th/22777%Sources: 7. Technology adoption: Internet