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Delivering a successful design

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How AFAO came up with an effective briefing for a new website design - Jill Sergeant, AFAO

Text of Delivering a successful design

  • 1. Developing a design The AFAO Website Redevelopment Jill Sergeant AFAO Website Officer

2. About AFAO 3. 4. The working group

  • Five staff representing the three main teams at AFAO Education, Policy and Admin
  • Members / stakeholders were invited but not interested in being involved it was too big a time commitment
  • The group met regularly while developing the design brief, then not again until we had to start choosing images for the site build.
  • I also had additional meetings and brainstorms with the Communications Officer.
  • Executive Director delegated authority to the group.

5. How to brief the designer?

    • We kept it simple in the original tender document:
    • The AFAO logo must be displayed in the banner, but in all other respects a complete refresh of current visuals is required. We are seeking a clean, simple, contemporary design.
    • But we needed to a comprehensive briefing when it was time to actually develop the design.

6. Developing the briefing

  • Information you need to supply to the designer
    • Information Architecture
      • Wireframes, navigation, sitemap
    • Major influences on your design
      • Style, brand, competitor sites, target audience
    • Design Specifics
      • Colours, fonts, images, animation
    • Technical Issues
      • Screen resolution, tools, accessibility

7. What we want

  • cleaneasy to navigate
  • authoritative reassuringup to date innovative trustworthy
  • rooted in real lives clear
  • accurate accessible
  • mature, not conservative human
  • warm light uncluttered
  • balancedoptimistic

8. What we don t want

  • corporate
  • cold
  • modular
  • dark
  • dour
  • funky
  • busy
  • animated menus
  • too many competing moving graphics

9. Things we like . 10. Choosing colours 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Some feedback on our proposals

  • I really like the blue, green, orange one. I think it makes it bright and engaging and still allows for some warmth and other tones that can be used for highlights etc. I like the blues one as well, though I don't think that allows for the contrasts/ highlights that the blue, green, orange one does.
  • I'm not particularly fussed either way though I do like the softer colours.
  • Definitely charcoal and brights is my choice, earthy and expressive!

16. Decision time

  • Completed design brief
  • Meeting with Squiz
  • Consider functionality
  • Still trying to decide on colour
  • Conservative or out there?
  • = two design mockups.

17. 18. 19. Surveying the members

  • Which concept do you prefer? (Tick 1 only)
    • Concept 1
    • Concept 2 chocolate
    • Concept 2 light background
  • Did you prefer this concept with or without the AFAO logo?
    • With
    • Without
    • Indifferent
  • Name 3 things you like about your most preferred option
  • Suggest 3 improvements or changes that you think might make the concept better

20. Nearly there

  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Review design options
  • Choosing the best of both
  • Tweaking, tweaking .

21. 22. 23. Lessons learned

  • People like to feel included
  • Design is a fun way to engage people
  • If staff werent engaged with the website before, this could be a way to get them interested.
  • Be clear about the time commitment
  • Know the culture of your organisation & work with it
  • Structure stakeholder involvement around organisational events
    • E.g. Give regular updates at staff meetings
  • Having a side-kick helps a lot

24. Feedback on the process

  • I thought the process was really well done. There was consultation from the start, but without huge time impositions. The times that did take longer were done in a way so people wanted to engage with the process and contribute. Ben, staff
  • I am glad to have had the opportunity to have a saying in how the website of the organisation for which I am working is going to function and look like. I am also glad that I had an opportunity to learn how complex the website redevelopment process is. Danica, staff (design working group)
  • I found the AFAO website development project process engaging and consultative - from the formative early development consultations and then later in the design phase. The process was participatory (inviting) with clear communications and project clarity. Fiona, AFAO member

25. Thanks

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