Culturally Sensitive Housing and Universal Design

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  1. 1. The journey of adaptation for the Mexicanculture into the United States is a difficult butdynamic one, fraught with uncertainty whilestimulated and energized by promise.Oftentimes choked by bias or discrimination,the Mexican and American experience ofcoming together can be hindered. Groups orpersons can hold others back, strangling outtheir adaptation. Unwillingness on one or bothsides can make this adaptive process halt,fragment, or disintegrate. But openness andcooperation between both sides can ultimatelylead to an environment of parallelism, whereAmericans and Mexicans work and live side byside, enhanced and enriched by each othersdiversity. Cultural growth can emerge fromthese experiences, creating deeper meaningbehind old traditions as new traditions aredeveloped. In such cases, these two cultures areinterlaced, complementing each othersdifferences while bound together by theirsameness.JESSICA CHRISTENSEN DHA 3605 CULTURALLY SENSITIVE HOUSING FOR MEXICANS AND UNIVERSAL DESIGN, FALL 2008 INSTRUCTOR: DR. HADJIYANNI
  2. 2. CONCEPTUALCULTURAL TRANSLATION SENSITIVITY On the first floor, a Space for central hallentertaining is separates the two provided throughout: cultures. The large living room; Mexican side is dining room with shown through space for expansion. curved line and a Childrens bedrooms warm color palette; large enough for two the mainstream is beds per room. shown through Master bedroom has linear line and a master bath for cool color palette. privacy and On the second floor,convenience. the division of Desks in childrens cultures continues; bedrooms for however,studying. integration can be seen as the culturalUNIVERSAL differences begin toDESIGN overlap. The twoBedroom, full bath, come together atand laundry room the staircase and provided on the first begin a tentative floor. journey of comingWalkways 42 wide. together 3 clearance at bed throughout the rest sides for accessibility. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 43 x 28 of the second floor TOTAL SQ. FT.: 1,100 SQ. FT. Pedestal sink in first floor bathroom for space beneath. FIRST FLOORSECOND FLOOR
  3. 3. PERSPECTIVE OF KITCHENPERSPECTIVE OF FRONT ENTRANCE CONCEPTUAL TRANSLATIONCULTURAL SENSITIVITY UNIVERSAL DESIGN In the kitchen (above right), parallelism is achieved. The cultures Multiple work surfaces in the kitchen Multiple work surface heights in the live side-by-side, complementing each others differences, while notencourage interaction with friends and kitchen accommodate varying user interwoven. The island retains the Mexican identity with curved family members.needs. line and a warm color palette and the cabinets along the wall retainDisplay shelves in the entry create a 42 walkways offer ample clearance for the mainstream identity with straight lines and a cool color palette. sense of stability and allow for display comfortable passage. At the entrance (above left), the two cultures are separate, theirof cherished possessions.Single-lever faucet to accommodate all differences apparent. However, integration has begun at the The living room offers space foruser types. staircase, where both linear and curvilinear line are present.entertaining.30X48 clear floor space at appliances A built-in entertainment center offersfor easy accessibility. an attractive storage solution.
  4. 4. CONCEPTUAL TRANSLATION Cultural differences, when interlaced, create a new language, as shown in the stained glass window (lower left), which combines both identities. Tentative integration creates a new language, with each culture borrowing pieces of identity from the other (lower right), where color palettes and line type overlap in some cases, but each retains its culture.FRONT ELEVATIONSITE PLAN CULTURAL SENSITIVITY Landscaping offers privacy while allowing for neighbor interaction (lower left). Large backyards offer ample play areas for children or as a place to entertain. A large walk-in closet in the master bedroom allows for ample storage.UNIVERSAL DESIGN Flush entry at the rear entrance offers accessibility to all user types. Exterior and interior doors are 36 wide for ease of passage. DETAIL PERSPECTIVESECTION


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