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  • 1. Anderson Gutirrez G.

2. Im a white hat!Evidence: I love watching news, reading newspapers and businessmagazinesCommon thing:Theyre all suppossedly based onFACTS 3. Im a white hat!Evidence:During an argument, debate or casualconversation disagreement I ask forthe FACTS first 4. Im a white hat! Evidence: People ask my advice very often Why?They say that I am a very objectiveperson 5. No Mr. Brightside here!Evidence:Love reading realistic stories, those that gowell too fast mmm dont think of them as trueBeing too optimistic can harm theplans and real outcome ofwhatever we do I try to keep it real 6. No Mr. Brightsidehere!It isnt like I dont dream, itsmore like I like living my dreams, so I dream with my feet on theground 7. I decided to organize my ideas, how I was going toapproach the problem and what possible solutions were worth presenting 8. Soobje first I plctiveg et s . Nor ayed it examleep mal way, wha before t s to you ft he rom worriesbear sleeping stopobje How ca like active ly fac n werealit e those i es ? 9. Then I decided to gogreen, I mean we gotta gobeyond borders so I reallywent green adding somking weed to thepossible solutions, special exotic plants and pretty much any crazy idea thatwent through my head 10. Finally I decided it was the time to let intuition take over. So from the 50 solutions I came backwith, I went for the 40 I felt like my group wouldconsider better to presentfor the assignment 11. Just the way I said before, YELLOW is not my colorNext time Ill try to find anapproach that includes thishatIm a proud black man, believe if I had gone forthe black one probably 15 out my initial 50 ideaswould have made it, sothis time I decided to pass