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7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word

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"Graphic design explained for everyday users using software they are already familiar with." Learn how to create stunning text effects using only Microsoft Word. There is no need for any kind of graphic skills, creativity or advanced computer knowledge. Everything is explained in a simple manner and each tutorial takes less than an hour to complete. Spice up the resume, business cards or any other document. Combine and transform to create endless variations. The sky is the limit.

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  • GLASS 7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word Vclav Krej
  • Copyright 2013 by Vaclav Krejci All rights reserved. Vclav Krej e-mail: [email protected] web: Twitter: @upiir Facebook: First edition, September 2013 All trademarks and copyrighted items mentioned and shown in this book are the property of their respective owners. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this book are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other organization, specifically Microsoft Corporation. I have no connection with this company yet.
  • Ahoy Ahoy is a commonly used greeting in the Czech Republic, comparable to Hello.
  • 77 Ahoy, my name is Vclav Krej, and I have this crazy idea: Explain graphic design to everyday users using software they are already familiar with Introduction This book is just the first in a series but I need your help. If you like it, please share it, talk about it, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or send me an e-mail. It will take you 5 minutes, but it means a lot to me. It gives me the energy to continue. Thank you.
  • 8Table of content Table Of Content Introduction 9 What you need to know (and have) 10 Why Microsoft Word? 11 Tutorials 13 Start with a blank document... 14 Glass text effect 16 Twirls & Curls text effect 20 Color tails text effect 24 Dance! text effect 28 Freeze text effect 34 Vegas text effect 40 Stickers text effect 48 When everything goes wrong 56 Inspirational websites 62 Tutorials inspiration 64 This is (not) the end 68 Tutorials!
  • 9Introduction During my high school studies back in 2003, I had a great side job. I was teaching senior citizens computer science at a local university. Despite their age, they were all novice users. The plan was to teach them everything about computers. The first lesson was a nightmare. Everyone was bored and confused does anyone really think one needs to know the binary system in order to work with a computer? I had to completely revise the approach. Since I was studying graphic design by myself, I came up with a simple but nice looking series of documents to be recreated each one with a slightly dif- ferent graphical style and taking less than one hour to complete. Each one was created using nothing more than Microsoft Word. I was shocked. They all knew very little about computers but, with proper guidance, my students were able to create stunning docu- ments while having fun. They were creating birthday party invitations for their grandchil- dren, calendars for their families, labels for Christmas presents... and a great deal more. Ten years later, everything fitted together. My English is better, I have a strong graphic design background, the current version of Microsoft Word contains all the necessary functions for advanced graphical effects, and iBooks Author allows me to publish this book for the iPad on my own and without the need for a real publisher. When working on the tutorials, bear in mind that miracles do not happen overnight. While all the tutorials can be finished in a short time, you will need much more time to master them. Remember that it is much easier to learn when you have fun as my students found. However, despite the class party sample document from my class (sample at the bottom), I have no evidence that they were actually having any parties. At least not with me! Introduction
  • 10What you need to know (and have) Quick Access Toolbar - adjust it to your needs Text Box Ribbon Those styles are for average, boring people - not for you Text box with no outline and no fill = preferred way for working with text All the tutorials in this book are created for Microsoft Word 2013 (sometimes referred to as version 15) and Office 365. Most tutorials can also be completed using the previous versions (2010, 2007 or 2003), but it will take more time and effort. An internet connection can be handy if you want to look for inspira- tion, and of course, if you want to share your creations with your friends, but it is not required. You also do not need anything other than what you already have installed on your computer. Only fonts which come with Windows and Office are used, and there is no need for any other plugin or third-party software. This all means that you can try the tutorials on the work computer (when nobody is looking), or in school (and pretend that you are learning which you are). Also, you can create the best looking doc- ument during a job interview and amaze the employer of course, only if you have not already done so with your great looking rsum. You need to have at least a basic computer and Microsoft Word skills to successfully finish all the tutorials. That means that you should know how to create a new document, how to write, and how to set different formats like font color, size or paragraph justification. You should know how to insert special symbols, draw basic shapes and how to change the outline and fill. Finally, you should know how to save your document, open it and print it or send it via e-mail. You really do not need much more than that still, the book is not in- tended for someone who encounters Word for the first time. If this is your situation, then do not worry there are plenty of books and online tutorials covering the basics, and you can learn them in few days, if not hours. What you need to know (and have)
  • 11Why Microsoft Word? Do not hide the ribbon, you will need it! Selection Pane = quick and easy way to select objects; to display it, select: Home Select Selection Pane. Zoom-in on a view for better precision Format Shape Pane - the best way to control the visual appearance Microsoft Word is definitely not the best application in the world. Like anything else, it has its pros and cons. There are three reasons why Ive chosen Word for the tutorials. Firstly it is widely recog- nized. Millions of users already have this software installed, so I can reach a wide user base. Secondly most of the users already have some basic knowledge of this application. This is great because I can skip the boring parts and focus on the cool stuff instead. And the third reason it evolves and improves. Most of the tutorials would not have been possible to finish using previous versions, and I can imagine that the next version will again bring newer and more useful functions. It is by no means a professional application for print design, but the techniques and workflow are pretty similar, and the knowledge described in this book can be reused in other applications as well. This is a very important and relevant detail: This book is an attempt to teach you how to work with Microsoft Word. Instead, it teaches you how to create text effects using Microsoft Word. You can reuse the gained experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Ink- scape, or any other application. When you know the principles, the tool is not that important. Since my intention is to explain graphic design to everyday users using software they are already familiar with, it also means that in the next version of this book, I may switch to a different applica- tion. If it would make more sense, I may be using Pages (application for iPads and Mac computers), Google Docs or maybe even some free online tools. Im not tied to Microsoft Word, but from all the research Ive done, it looks like the best option for now. Why Microsoft Word?
  • GLASS T u t o r i a l s
  • 13Tutorials GLASSStart with a blank document... Tutorials 5 min. 10 min. 30 min. 35 min.25 min. 15 min.10 min. 5 min.
  • 1 2 3 Every tutorial in this book starts with the same first step: Start with a blank document, create Text Box with no fill and no outline, and type word X, with font Y, sized Z pt. Usually center aligned. If you are not sure how to perform this task, keep reading. Other- wise, feel free to jump right to the tutorials section. It is just two pages ahead! Start with a blank document... Im pretty sure you know how to create a new document. It is as easy as clicking the File New Blank Document (1), or simply pressing the (Ctrl) + (N) shortcut. The more important question is why use a new document for every tutorial? It is because everything can go wrong, and if it does, you do not want to lose more than you need to. If you want to use a new header for your 50-page document, create the header in a separate docu- ment, and if you are satisfied with the result, copy and paste it into the big document. Play it safe. There are two ways to insert a new text box, both on the ribbon In- sert. The first option is under Shapes Basic Shapes Text Box (2), and right after selecting the tool, you can use your mouse to draw a shape of the text box the same way you draw a rectangle. This will create an empty text box without any text, and it is the preferred way to create a text box. The second way to create a text box is in the Text Box (3) dropdown menu. It contains many pre-defined styles. They are great if you need a nice looking quote and you have little time. Obviously, this will not be our case we want to start from scratch, and spend some time creating great things. We will certainly not be satisfied with anything avera

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