Webinar: Leveraging big data in life sciences & healthcare

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Slides from May 2014 webinar hosted by Knowledgent, Hortonworks, and the CEOi. Titled “Leveraging Big Data in the Life Sciences and Healthcare,” the webinar featured thoughts on using big data to further Alzheimer's care delivery from Justin Sears, Industry Specialist at Hortonworks, Drew Holzapfel, Executive Director from the Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease, and Knowledgent's Tom Johnstone and Chris Young.

Text of Webinar: Leveraging big data in life sciences & healthcare

  • 1.2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Leveraging Big Data in Life Sciences & Healthcare Webinar

2. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Attendees will be muted for the duration of the webinar To ask a question, simply click on the Q&A button at the top center of your screen - All questions will be answered at the end of the webinar during the Q&A section Welcome everyone! 3. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Justin Sears Hortonworks Industry Specialist - Presenting on how Hadoop is enabling the transformation of information management across industries Tom Johnstone Knowledgent Managing Partner - Presenting on how leveraging big data can help industry issues and challenges Drew Holzapfel Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimers Disease - Presenting an introduction to the CEOi on Alzheimers Disease and their Big Data charter Chris Young Knowledgent Life Sciences Partner - Presenting a use case on how Knowledgent is applying Big Data to enable the CEOi on Alzheimers Disease Q & A Agenda 4. Page4 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved Justin Sears - Hortonworks, Industry Specialist 5. Page5 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved Open Leadership Drive innovation in the open exclusively via the Apache community-driven open source process Enterprise Rigor Engineer, test and certify Apache Hadoop with the enterprise in mind Ecosystem Endorsement Focus on deep integration with existing data center technologies and skills Enable your Modern Data Architecture by delivering Enterprise Apache Hadoop Hortonworks Mission: Reseller Partners: Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA; 300+ employees and growing 6. Page6 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved New data puts pressure on the architectureAPPLICATIONSDATASYSTEM REPOSITORIES SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) RDBMS EDW MPP Business Analytics Custom Applications Packaged Applications Source: IDC 2.8 ZB in 2012 85% from New Data Types 15x Machine Data by 2020 40 ZB by 2020 Unstructured documents, emails Clickstream Server logs Sentiment, Web Data Sensor. Machine Data Geolocation 7. Page7 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved Hadoop in a Modern Data ArchitectureAPPLICATIONS Business Analytics Custom Applications Packaged Applications SOURCES OLTP, ERP, CRM Systems Documents, Emails Web Logs, Click Streams Social Networks Machine Generated Sensor Data Geolocation Data OPERATIONS TOOLS Provision, Manage & Monitor DEV & DATA TOOLS Build & Test DATASYSTEM REPOSITORIES RDBMS EDW MPP Governance &Integration Security Operations Data Access Data Management 8. Page8 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved New analytic apps for new types of data $ Supplier Consolidation Supply Chain and Logistics Assembly Line Quality Assurance Proactive Maintenance Crowdsourced Quality Assurance New Account Risk Screens Fraud Prevention Trading Risk Maximize Deposit Spread Insurance Underwriting Accelerate Loan Processing Call Detail Records (CDRs) Infrastructure Investment Next Product to Buy (NPTB) Real-time Bandwidth Allocation New Product Development 360 View of the Customer Analyze Brand Sentiment Localized, Personalized Promotions Website Optimization Optimal Store Layout Financial Services Retail Telecom ManufacturingHealthcare Utilities, Oil & Gas Genomic data for medical trials Monitor patient vitals Reduce re-admittance rates Store medical research data Recruit cohorts for pharmaceutical trials Smart meter stream analysis Slow oil well decline curves Optimize lease bidding Compliance reporting Proactive equipment repair Seismic image processing 9. Page9 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved HDP delivers enterprise Hadoop HDP 2.1 Hortonworks Data Platform Provision, Manage & Monitor Ambari Zookeeper Scheduling Oozie Data Workflow, Lifecycle & Governance Falcon Sqoop Flume NFS WebHDFS YARN : Data Operating System DATA MANAGEMENT SECURITYDATA ACCESS GOVERNANCE & INTEGRATION Authentication Authorization Accounting Data Protection Storage: HDFS Resources: YARN Access: Hive, Pipeline: Falcon Cluster: Knox OPERATIONS Script Pig Search Solr SQL Hive/Tez, HCatalog NoSQL HBase Accumulo Stream Storm Others In-Memory Analytics, ISV engines 1 N HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) Batch Map Reduce Deployment Choice Linux Windows On- Premise Cloud Comprehensive enterprise Hadoop delivered completely in the open Wholly Integrated for deep ecosystem interoperability 10. Page10 Hortonworks Inc. 2011 2014. All Rights Reserved Hadoop Use Cases in Healthcare & Bioscience Store genomic data for use in clinical trials Monitor patient vital signs every minute for rapid bedside response Analyze brain surgery videos for real-time decision support Monitor social media for treatment support of chronic epilepsy Reduce cardiac re-admittance rates Screen for autism with in-home testing and analyze with machine learning Store medical research data forever Recruit research cohorts for pharmaceutical trials Monitor distribution of medical supplies to maintain the cold chain 11. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Tom Johnstone Knowledgent, Managing Partner 12. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Aligning Modern Tech with the Use Case 13. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved DRUG TARGET IDENTIFICATION PATIENT RECRUITMENT & SITE SELECTION EVOLVING COMMERCIAL MODEL Shifts in the Life Sciences Landscape MECHANISM OF ACTION IDENTIFICATION SEMANTIC SEARCH & RELEVANCY REAL WORLD & HEALTHCARE ANALYTICS with evolving functions and emerging trends come new information challenges. leveraging ontologies cross-pollination of R&D info real-world evidence comorbidity & cohort identification genomic correlation & derivation molecular search & similarity pharma-payer collaboration outcomes-based contractin Innovating and streamlining through advanced analytical and semantic approaches. 14. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Semantic indexing and automated provisioning and data requests What are Innovative Companies Doing? Scaling from Proof-of-Concept to Production grade capabilities. R E A L W O R L D E V I D E N C E non-standard analytical methods massive volumes of real world patient data complex joins and variance of information Rapid, purpose-built, exploratory analytics utilizing massively parallel processing USE CASE KEY CHALLENGES SOLUTION S E M A N T I C S E A R C H information stored across many locations limited user access & complex security algorithmic search engines Behavioral and specialty segmentation with prescribing influence rating driving targeting P H Y S I C I A N TA R G E T I N G shift to specialty from primary care focus less access, shrinking sales forces greater dependency on prescribing influence increasing complexity in value scoring 15. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Drew Holzapfel, Executive Director 16. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Chris Young Knowledgent, Life Sciences Partner 17. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Expose untapped correlations & insights between massive existing & emerging data sets (Causes, Treatments, Care Delivery Improvements) Break down barriers & enable analysis of information generated across industries (Healthcare, Payers, Labs, Pharma, Govt, and others) The Big Data Opportunity EHR Claims Imaging Genomic Trials Behavioral Exponentially increasing amount of information Devices 18. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Insights may identify early detection signals, root causes, or new drug targets through: Genomic Similarities Longitudinal Patient Patterns Brain Imaging Analysis Comorbidity Recognition Behavioral/Lifestyle Influence Demographical Dimensionality Correlations Across Patterns Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Modern Tech Supporting Research Analytics 19. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Actions Towards Big Data Agenda Planning & Execution of Big Data Initiatives Member & Partner Engagement Global Awareness & Socialization CEOi Summit, NIH, OECD, G7, Webinars CEOi Members Strategy Session Bio IT World & Launch of Big Data Strategy Paper Series 20. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Alzheimers Strategy Development Session Join other thought leaders, organizations and companies committed to working together to develop a clearly defined strategy to apply Big Data to stopping Alzheimers Disease by 2025. Please join us by providing your RSVP by Monday, June 16 to Gerry Rodriguez at gerry@ceoalzheimersinitiative.org or 212-332-6385. Space is limited and participation will be confirmed upon receipt of your RSVP. We will also request a biographical sketch from all participants for distribution with the meeting materials. Wednesday, June 25th 8:30 am 3:30 pm EST Columbia Universitys Faculty House Garden Room 2 (64 Morningside Drive, NYC) 21. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Q & A 22. 2014 Knowledgent Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Thank you for attending! Tom Johnstone Managing Partner Tom.johnstone@knowledgent.com Chris Young Life Sciences Partner Chris.young@knowledgent.com Drew Holzapfel Executive Director Drew@ceoalzheimersinitiative.org Justin Sears Industry Specialist Twitter - @jcsears