Toronto’s attractions!

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Torontos Attractions!

Torontos Attractions!Come See The 10 Wonders Of Ontario's Capital City!

What Attractions Are There?CN TowerCasa LomaToronto ZooOntario Science CentreRoyal Ontario Museum (R.O.M)The Art Gallery Of OntarioCanadas WonderlandRipleys AquariumToronto IslandRogers Centre

Cn TowerWas Finished And Put Into Use On June 26, 1976Took 40 months to constructOne Of The Largest Freestanding Structures In The World533.33m TallHouses A Restaurant At The Top.

Casa LomaOne Of Toronto's Most Historic And Timely BuildingsConstruction Began In 1911, Ending In 1914Designed By Architect E. J. LennoxWas Used For A Home Until Henry Pellatt, Owner Of Casa Loma, Had To Leave The Building In 1922, Due To Increased Property TaxesAlso Used As A Hotel And To Conceal Government Research Until It Was Leased By The KCCL ( Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma) in 1937, to be used only as a Tourist Attraction.

Toronto ZooHas Over 5,000 animals, ranging from over 500 unique speciesImported Giant Pandas From China ( That Stephen Harper Met)287 hectares ( 710 acres), One Of The Largest Zoos In The WorldHas Cute Ani mals

Ontario Science Centre Est. 1969Many Attractions Including :The Science ArcadeThe Weston Family Innovation CentreThe AstraZeneca Human EdgeAnd Many More

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Formally Created On April 16, 1912Opened To Public On March 19, 1914Originally Housed 5 Separate Museums: Archaeology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Zoology, And GeologyIn 1955, The 5 Combined Into A Singular BodyUnveiled The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Ushering The Museum Into A New Age

The Art Gallery Of Ontario (Ago)

Founded In 1900Holds 90,000 Works Of Art Within Its Collection4,000 Being Viewable By The PublicHas Pieces Spanning From 100 A.D

Canadas Wonderland Contains Some Of The Largest Roller Coasters In The WorldLeviathan Measures at 5486 feet longContains Dining And Live Entertainment

Ripley`s Aquarium16,000 Aquatic AnimalsContains North Americas Longest Underwater Viewing Tunnel: 5.7 million litresMany Galleries Containing Thousands Of Aquatic Species!First Opened October 2013

Toronto IslandHouses 260 homes and a schoolTravel by Ferry Has Many Attractions: A Nudist Beach, Amusement Park, The Zoo, and Many More

Rogers CentreHouses Baseball, Basketball, Football, And Soccer GamesOpened On June 3, 1989Since Opening 2,000 events have been showcased, And 60 Million Visits3.5 Million Guests On a Yearly Basis