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Presentation given to the OC Big Data Meetup Group. http://www.meetup.com/OCBigData

Text of Overview of stinger interactive query for hive

  • Overview of S+nger: Interac+ve Query for Hive @ddkaiser linkedin.com/in/dkaiser slideshare.net/ddkaiser dkaiser@cdk.com dkaiser@hortonworks.com OC Big Data Meetup #1 May 21, 2014 David Kaiser
  • Who Am I? David Kaiser 20+ years experience with Linux 3 years experience with Hadoop Career experiences: Data Warehousing Geospa+al Analy+cs Open-source Solu+ons and Architecture Employed at Hortonworks as a Senior Solu+ons Engineer @ddkaiser linkedin.com/in/dkaiser slideshare.net/ddkaiser dkaiser@cdk.com dkaiser@hortonworks.com
  • Overview of Stinger: Interactive Query for Hive Abstract: Hadoop is about so much more than batch processing. With the recent release of Hadoop 2, there have been many new approaches for increased applica+on performance. Hive is the most used SQL implementa+on on Hadoop. Hive provides the most amount of SQL compa+bility on Hadoop. But Hive is Slow. Hive WAS Slow. This talk will discuss the S+nger ini+a+ve, which improved Hive performance over 100x.
  • S"nger Project (announced February 2013) Batch AND Interactive SQL-in-Hadoop Stinger Initiative A broad, community-based effort to drive the next generation of HIVE Hive 0.13, April 2014 Hive on Apache Tez Query Service Buer Cache Cost Based Op+mizer (Op+q) Vectorized Processing Hive 0.11, May 2013: Base Op+miza+ons SQL Analy+c Func+ons ORCFile, Modern File Format Hive 0.12, October 2013: VARCHAR, DATE Types ORCFile predicate pushdown Advanced Op+miza+ons Performance Boosts via YARN Speed Improve Hive query performance by 100X to allow for interac+ve query +mes (seconds) Scale The only SQL processing in Hadoop designed for queries that scale from TB to PB SQL Support broadest range of SQL seman+cs for analy+c applica+ons running against Hadoop Goals: An Open Community at its finest: Apache Hive Contribution 1,672Jira Tickets Closed 145Developers 44Companies ~400,000Lines Of Code Added 13Months
  • Outcomes from the Stinger Project Page 5 Feature Descrip"on Benet Tez Integra+on Tez is signicantly beeer engine than MapReduce Latency Vectorized Query Take advantage of modern hardware by processing thousand-row blocks rather than row-at-a-+me. Throughput Query Planner Using extensive sta+s+cs now available in Metastore to beeer plan and op+mize query, including predicate pushdown during compila+on to eliminate por+ons of input (beyond par++on pruning) Latency ORC File Columnar, type aware format with indices Latency Cost Based Op+mizer (Op+q) Join re-ordering and other op+miza+ons based on column sta+s+cs including histograms etc. Latency Hive as a Service Leaves engine running between sessions Latency Buer Cache Leaves most used HDFS le blocks in memory Latency
  • Hadoop 2: Moving Past MapReduce Page 6 HADOOP 1.0 HDFS (redundant, reliable storage) MapReduce (cluster resource management & data processing) HDFS2 (redundant, highly-available & reliable storage) YARN (cluster resource management) MapReduce (data processing) Others HADOOP 2.0 Single Use System Batch Apps Mul/ Purpose Pla5orm Batch, Interac/ve, Online, Streaming,
  • Apache Tez as the new Primitive HDFS2 (redundant, reliable storage) Tez (execu+on engine) YARN (cluster resource management) HADOOP 2.0 MapReduce as Base Apache Tez as Base HDFS (redundant, reliable storage) MapReduce (cluster resource management & data processing) Pig (data ow) Hive (sql) Others (Cascading) HADOOP 1.0 Data Flow Pig SQL Hive Others (Cascading) Batch MapReduce Slider (con+nuous execu+on) Online Data Processing HBase, Accumulo Real Time Stream Processing Storm
  • Complete Open Source Stack YARN is the logical extension of Apache Hadoop Complements HDFS, the data reservoir Resource Management for the Enterprise Data Lake Shared, secure, mul+-tenant Hadoop Allows for all processing in Open-Source Hadoop Page 8 HDFS2 (Redundant, Reliable Storage) YARN (Cluster Resource Management) BATCH (MapReduce) INTERACTIVE (Tez) STREAMING (Storm, S4,) GRAPH (Giraph) IN-MEMORY (Spark) HPC MPI (OpenMPI) ONLINE (HBase) OTHER (Search) (Weave)
  • Feature Descrip"on Benet Tez Session Overcomes Map-Reduce job-launch latency by pre- launching Tez AppMaster Latency Tez Container Pre- Launch Overcomes Map-Reduce latency by pre-launching hot containers ready to serve queries. Latency Tez Container Re- Use Finished maps and reduces pick up more work rather than exi+ng. Reduces latency and eliminates dicult split-size tuning. Out of box performance! Latency Run+me re- congura+on of DAG Run+me query tuning by picking aggrega+on parallelism using online query sta+s+cs Throughput Tez In-Memory Cache Hot data kept in RAM for fast access. Latency Complex DAGs Tez Broadcast Edge and Map-Reduce-Reduce paeern improve query scale and throughput. Throughput Hive On Tez - Execution
  • ORC File Advantages Sustained Query Times Apache Hive 0.12 provides sustained acceptable query times even at petabyte scale 131 GB (78% Smaller) File Size Comparison Across Encoding Methods Dataset: TPC-DS Scale 500 Dataset 221 GB (62% Smaller) Encoded with Text Encoded with RCFile Encoded with ORCFile Encoded with Parquet 505 GB (14% Smaller) 585 GB (Original Size) Larger Block Sizes Columnar format arranges columns adjacent within the le for compression & fast access Impala Hive 12 Smaller Footprint Better encoding with ORC in Apache Hive 0.12 reduces resource requirements for your cluster.
  • ORCFile File Format Page 11 Query-Op"mized: Split-able, columnar storage le Ecient Reads: Break into large stripes of data for ecient read Fast Filtering: Built in index, min/max, metadata for fast ltering blocks - bloom lters if desired Ecient Compression: Decompose complex row types into primi+ves: massive compression and ecient comparisons for ltering Precomputa"on: Built in aggregates per block (min, max, count, sum, etc.)
  • A Journey to SQL Compliance Evolu"on of SQL Compliance in Hive SQL Datatypes SQL Seman"cs INT/TINYINT/SMALLINT/BIGINT SELECT, INSERT FLOAT/DOUBLE GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING BOOLEAN JOIN on explicit join key ARRAY, MAP, STRUCT, UNION Inner, outer, cross and semi joins STRING Sub-queries in the FROM clause BINARY ROLLUP and CUBE TIMESTAMP UNION DECIMAL Standard aggrega+ons (sum, avg, etc.) DATE Custom Java UDFs VARCHAR Windowing func+ons (OVER, RANK, etc.) CHAR Advanced UDFs (ngram, XPath, URL) Interval Types Sub-queries for IN/NOT IN, HAVING JOINs in WHERE Clause INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE Legend Hive 10 or earlier Roadmap Hive 11 Hive 12 Hive 13
  • Tez Execution Performance Performance gains over Map Reduce Eliminate replicated write barrier between successive computa+ons. Eliminate job launch overhead of workow jobs. Eliminate extra stage of map reads in every workow job. Eliminate queue and resource conten+on suered by workow jobs that are started aper a predecessor job completes. Page 13 Pig/Hive - MR Pig/Hive - Tez
  • Hive MR Hive Tez Hive-on-MR vs. Hive-on-Tez SELECT a.state, COUNT(*), AVERAGE(c.price) FROM a JOIN b on (a.id = b.id) JOIN c on (a.itemId = c.itemId) GROUP by a.state SELECT a.state JOIN (a, c) SELECT c.price SELECT b.id JOIN(a, b) GROUP BY a.state COUNT(*) AVERAGE(c.price) M M M R R M M R M M R M M R HDFS HDFS HDFS M M M R R R M M R R SELECT a.state, c.itemId JOIN (a, c) JOIN(a, b) GROUP BY a.state COUNT(*) AVERAGE(c.price) SELECT b.id Tez avoids unneeded writes to HDFS
  • Vectorization Rewrite all operations to operate on blocks of 1K+ records, rather than one record at a time Block is array of Java scalars, not Objects (eliminate Objects compounding GC gains over time) Avoids many function calls, CPU pipeline stalls Size to fit in L1 cache, avoid cache misses Page 15
  • Stinger Phase 3: Unlocking Interactive Query S"