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  • 1.Did you ever meet an entrepreneur who wanted to go bankrupt? 1

2. Change from corporate life to entrepreneurial life 2 3. YOU AS AN ENTREPRENEUR WHAT DOES IT MEAN? 3 4. WHERE IS MY ENERGY GOING?Wasted time Meetings DiscussionsLack of focus Lack of sleep Bad decisions 5. BEING BUSY DOES NOT MEAN MAKING MONEY or INVOICING 5 6. What is in it for me? What is going to generate income?6 7. HOW AM I GOING TO GENERATE CASH TO PAY FOR IT ALL? 7 8. 8 9. A very powerful motivator is to be competitive with yourself 9 10. Performance= about HOW can I do better? 10 11. L OF US WANT TO OVE UPWARDS OT DOWNWARDS11 12. GOALS? HAVE YOU TAKEN TIME TO DEFINE THEM PROPERLY? 12 13. 13 14. 14 15. Sheryl Sandberg Ask yourself: What would I do if I were not afraid? And do go do it! 15 16. 16 17. Remember Having self-confidence is wonderful and a positive quality to successfully navigate life. However, as often true, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Overconfidence is a weakness and most would agree that arrogance is undesirable.17 18. The complacency zone is a dangerous place to be! 18 19. 19 20. Congratulations you failed, you tried, keep GOING! 20 21. 21 22. JOB ROTATIONMENTORINGTOOLS?M.B.O EXPOSURE TRAINING EMPOWERMENT22 23. NOW THAT WE KNOW THE ISSUE WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? 23 24. I ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT MY GOALS 24 25. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING YOUR STATE OF MIND 25 26. A STATE OF MIND I listen I treat myself as a company I treat the company as if it was my own I do not have a job but a step in the direction I figured out 26 27. A STATE OF MIND I focus on solutions I focus on understanding I expect the best and I believe in the best Iwhatever it takes. 27 28. THE LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION Being clear on what you want Focus on what you want Belief in what you want Move towards what you want28 29. MAKE AN IMPROVEMENT DEVELOP A NEW SKILL START A BLOG FIND A MENTOR HAVE A PET PROJECT DO IT !29 30. 30 31. REMEMBER Being a learning person Creating a disciplined environment When working with others, doing it with a team spirit 31 32. REMEMBER People oriented Being conscious that people pay for added value only Your on-going involvement 32 33. REMEMBER Never stop trying to improve Want more out of life than jus a pay check YOUR DEEP FULL COMMITMENT 33 34. CONCLUSIONS 34 35. Use your personal name Have some fun Know your story Be consistent Get out there Think long term 35 36. Question Are you ready for the interview? Answer I am born ready!36 37. Your copy of the slides on WWW.ROGERCLAESSENS.EU37