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Advice for the newly unemployed from the members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network. BROUGHT TO YOU BY WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU LOSE YOUR JOB

What To Do When You Lose Your Job

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Members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share how to bounce back after losing your job. Connect: Professional Women’s Network is online community with more than 330,000 members that discusses issues relevant to women and their success. The free LinkedIn group powered by Citi also features videos interviews with influential businesswomen, live Q&As with experts and slideshows with career advice. To learn more and join the conversation in the largest women's group on LinkedIn, visit http://www.linkedin.com/womenconnect.

Text of What To Do When You Lose Your Job

  • Advice for the newly unemployed from the members of Connect: Professional Womens Network.! BROUGHT TO YOU BY WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU LOSE YOUR JOB
  • Losing a job is never easy. Give yourself time to grieve and work through the loss. When you're ready, commit yourself fully to find the best job for you. It's rough but you'll get through it. Sarah Caruso, Administrative Assistant
  • Reframe this as a time for growth. Change can be scary, but it is just outside of your comfort zone that you find out exactly what you are made of. Kimberly O'Bannon, Deputy Program Manager
  • Take the good, leave the bad. List what you contributed to the job, what you got out of it that you can carry forward, and ways those things could be applied to a new job. Once you feel sure of these things, youll be able to convey them to the next employer. In a real way, we have to convince ourselves first. Bridget M.M. S., Office Admin., Coach, Writer
  • Keep a routine, and keep moving. Get out of the apartment as if you were going to work. Workout at a gym early morning, go back home and prepare a lunch daily. The key is remaining focused and positive over losing a job. Work on you while unemployed. Edna Marie Norman, MSHRM, Executive Secretary
  • Seize this opportunity to develop new skills. There are plenty of courses online that are free and useful, like computer programming courses for example, or even a second language! Katherine Copas, Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Get creative. Try finding a work-at-home niche while searching for employment. There are plenty of opportunities online for different fields. For example, an administrative person can find proofreading and typing work. Sites like Fiverr.com may also offer some cushion. Do a search online. There's so much out there. Audrey Malone, Writer, Editor and Administrative Specialist
  • Make connections in your community. Try doing some volunteer work. It gives you an opportunity to network and give back during this down time. Chioma Robertson Phillips, HR Director/HR Business Partner
  • Find out what you truly want. Reflect on your last position. What did you like/ dislike about it? Do you want your next position to be similar or completely different? Before looking for another job, know what you want. Losing a job can definitely be a blessing in disguise. You may just find yourself happier than before. Patrice Sutton, Social Media & Sourcing Specialist
  • And then go after it! When you're ready, be aggressive. Don't wait for opportunity to find youfind it. And when you land your next adventure, do it energetically. It's a new beginning! Stephanie Tastad, Coach, Social Marketing, Event Planning
  • Doris A. Wright, Administrative Professional Your dream job is out there. It sounds like a clich, but the saying that "when a door shuts a window will open is true. Sometimes it takes quite a while, but you must keep a positive attitude. It's very frustrating sometimes, but someday soon you will find a company that will give you a chance to prove what an asset you would be.
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