Want to go for PMP certification ?

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How Project Management Certification (PMP) can help ?

3 areas where PMP can help:

Build mainstream thinking Professional Signaling Networking

Build mainstream thinking PMP establishes a common knowledge and a common framework among project management professionals. Basic working knowledge of project management will provide you the edge to begin with.

Professional Signaling PMP certification demonstrates your professional commitment towards Project Management. PMP certification would certainly provide you more opportunities to sell your profile.

Networking Networking is the most underutilized benefit of PMP among IT professionals. It provides a starting point and then you can build your network by being proactive.

And, where it doesnt help?

3 areas where PMP cannot help:

PMP might not solve long term growth What about your business perspective? Expanding your horizons by looking at other career paths.

PMP might not solve long term growth Scope of PMP is very limited to project management ecosystem so it isnt enough to solve your long term growth issues.

What about your business perspective? Knowledge of project management framework and tools is only one aspect. You also need to have right business acumen, awareness, soft skills for people and client management. Simply fixing one aspect in isolation would not provide you necessary results.

Expanding your horizons by looking at other career paths Your growth can come through horizontal switches as well. e.g., project management to consulting, pre-sales, business analysis, product management. PMP will not help you to explore such possibilities and provide any differentiation if you are trying for them.

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