Parent's Guide: Get Jobs for Youth with Disabilities

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Seeking Jobs: A Parent's Guide to Getting Jobs for Youth with Disabilities is designed for parents who have students with disabilities who are soon to enter the workforce. NETWORKING in the community to find jobs and conducting a GAP ANALYSIS with employers are covered in this workshop. The slides from this training are available. By Joe Chiappetta


  • 1. 1SEEKINGJOBSA PARENTS Guide to GettingJobs for Youth with DisabilitiesNETWORKING and GAP ANALYSISJoe Chiappetta

2. Get Jobsthrough PeopleYou KnowTake a personal inventory.Joe Chiappetta in past 30 years:Worked at 13 jobs 11 jobs through people I knew 1 job through online application 1 job through resume2 3. 41% of Job Seekers Got Jobfrom NETWORKINGSource: Right Management2010 survey of 59,000 clients How big is your network? Its not who you know...Its who knows YOU. Identify your network Contact network Follow up with network3 4. WOULD-BE MOVIE DIRECTORSSMASH HIT AT LIBRARY44 5. 5THE LIBRARY HIRED THAT FELLOW,AND ONE DECADE LATER, HISSUPERVISOR SAID...5 6. 6QUIZ: What to Say When NetworkingWhich statements are appropriate?1. I have no idea what my child with a disabilityis going to do with their life. Oh please help!2. Do you know anyone looking to fill an openposition?3. Know anyone who works in [manufacturing]?4. Can you set up an introduction for me?5. Do you know any hiring managers? Orbusiness owners, executives, governmentofficials, community leaders, or otherpersons of influence? 7. 7Your Network PEOPLE40% of job search = Networking(Source: 2011 presentation) Friends Relatives Coworkers Teachers Classmates Leaders Friends of Friends Acquaintances 8. 8ACTIVITY:List ofNetworkPEOPLE1. Write name of a person whoknows you from each category: Friends Relatives Coworkers Teachers Classmates Leaders Friends of Friends Acquaintances2. Contact each person this month3. Start with the business-minded 9. 9Your Network PLACES Near home Near school Off the train or bus linenearest you On the bus or train Where youre a customer Where people in yournetwork are customers Near your work Near your religiousorganization 10. 10ACTIVITY: List ofNetwork PLACES1. From the list of networkplaces, write the namesof at least 4 specificplaces you will go tothis month to network2. Show the list to a friendwho can help youidentify more places3. Do this each month 11. 11Your NetworkGROUPS Clubs Schools Career office Alumni association Sports teams Interest groups Ethnic associations 12. 12ACTIVITY: List of Network GROUPS1. From the list of network groups,identify 2 groups of interest2. Make yourself an appointment in yourplanner to check their website thisweek to find out what activities theyhave planned (or call them)3. Attend as appropriate 13. 13Your NetworkEVENTS Job Fairs Chamber of Commerce Community-Based Agencies Company Public Outreach events Industry Associations School Lectures open to public Trade Shows, Conventions 14. 14ACTIVITY: List of Network EVENTS1. From the list of networkevent categories, identify 3that you will investigatefurther2. Make yourself anappointment in your plannerto check their website thismonth to find out what freeevents they have planned3. Attend as appropriate 15. 15LinkedIn.comSocial resume/career news site Set up LinkedIn profile likeinteractive resume Keep it VERY Professional Customize your profile address Slowly build up your contacts Leverage relationships Beware of information overload 16. 16LinkedIn Profile Example16 17. Job Accommodation NetworkJAN Searchable AccommodationsDatabase Chat Feature: click "Live Help" 800-526-723417 18. GET CLOSER TOBUSINESS1.Networking events2.Take a tour3.Conduct staff training4.Informational interview5.Provide info about hiring peoplewith disabilities6.Become a customer if appropriate18 19. Explain PURPOSE of theGap Analysis INTRO: Im from a network of parents who helpstudents with disabilities prepare for employment. PURPOSE: Im looking for a deeper understandingof business operations in our community. EXPLAIN: The more I know about your workenvironment, the better Ill be at recommendingstudents for specific career paths. THE ASK: Can I come by to ask you a fewquestions about your company? 19 20. WARM-UP Questions(for Gap Analysis) What is the workatmosphere andculture like here? What kinds of jobduties do yourworkers perform? Feel free to includebehind-the-scenesdetails. 20 21. FORECAST Questions (Gap) What are areas ofpotential growth for yourbusiness? Where would you like tosee your business in fiveyears? Ten years? Are there services yourbusiness would like tooffer, or could offer, thatare not in place yet?21 22. GAP-Seeking Questions (1 of 2) When is company busiest: each day,during the week, during the year? Are there tasks that could be done moreefficiently or more often? Are there tasks not getting done becauseno one has the time? Are there tasks that take employeesaway from their more critical job duties?(areas of expertise or "real" jobs)22 23. GAP-Seeking Questions (2 of 2) Do you have employees working overtime? Are there tasks that you use temporary orstudent employees for? If you could have help with anything, whatwould it be? If your employees could have help withanything, what do you think it would be? What is the biggest challenge the businessfaces in day-to-day operations?23 24. 24Review1. How to Network2. LinkedIn3. Accommodation Assistance4. Gap Analysis 25. 25CONTACTIf info from this session helpssomeone find a job, please letme know:Joe ChiappettaChicagoland Chamber of Commercewww.ChicagolandChamber.org