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1. SANTI 2. Gender One of the main social groups we represent is gender and it challenges the gender stereotypes of women Our main character challenges the stereotypes of woman goes against her family and tradition as well as taking her life matters in her own hands 3. Supported by way she acts around the policeman (a figure of authority represent in a negative light), we see this in the close ups of her facial expressions being smiley and teasing him in a flirtatious manner diegetic sounds of speaking in the script when she sarcastically says "you're good at your job". She is perceived a s a powerful criminal which is no the stereotypical image of women you get in feature films 4. 16-30 year olds both genders ages limit up to 16 because it is for mature audiences to understand the deep internal struggle of the psychology behind the main characters mind both genders because there are many leading male characters the main character is a female and the film does contain some "girl power" qualities as well as "alpha male" qualities 5. Colombina young womn, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin consider their marketing techniques because their film contains many elements that Caleidoscopio has. 6. The Police The police are stereotyped as an authority figure The police man is unsympathetic He is also being made fun of and being flirted with This portrays the policeman in a negative light as he is supposed to inflict discipline He is also portrayed as a cold person 7. CCTV Camera The CCTV camera is used to monitor the criminal girl from a visual point of view The fact that when we watch the Thriller and there is the girl being monitored by a CCTV camera suggests: This is what you would expect to see In an interrogation environment That they are in a lower class area 8. mise en scene interrogation room: walls have chipped paint on them, the table looks battered. editing: in the first shot, camera at a CCTV camera angle, black and white effect, added noise to make it look worse quality this established the location of an interrogation room and shows that they are in a rough area. creates a feeling of low funding and suggests the people that work in the police station are of a lower class 9. girl is high class mise en scene of the costume she is wearing wearing a fur vest suggests she has the money to spend on expensive clothes. 10. many different social classes targeted as our audience large range of characters that different social classes can relate to beneficial because it means we could get more sales in the box office seeing as we are targeting more then one group in society due to the fact that our thriller represents most people in England.