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Making my mag ad

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Text of Making my mag ad

PowerPoint Presentation

I set the paper size to A4, as this is the standard size for magazine adverts.

Using the flowers from the ancillary text, I used the duplicate layer tool to make a new design.

I saved the new design as a JPEG and then made it the background of the Poplar Std text in Powerpoint. I then saved the text as a PNG to ensure it was transparent and uploaded it to the photoshop document.

I added a stroke to the Lukatar text to make it bolder. Then I imported images from my Digi Pack (For continuity) to the page. I resized them and placed them appropriately. I added a blur background as I believe this is a bright, happy colour.

I changed the background colour to pink as I believed this would better attract a female audience. I added stripes of the flower pattern, I believe this looks sporty to complement the sports wear seen in the image at the bottom of the advert and throughout my other two porducts.

I made a graffiti with flower background text as I believe this is more urban. To do this I used the polygonal lasso tool and the select, inverse, delete method.

I inserted two Lukatar graffiti texts to make an urban feel and made the bottom of the page green for variety and to contrast the pink outline of the cartoon image for an edgy, attention grabbing look.

I added Baby B in yellow font to be attention grabbing. To further make it stand out I used a black stroke (this is also characteristic of the cartoon images) poplar Std was used for continuity.

I changed the Lukatar text back to poplar Std as people said it was hard to read. I then added all the vital text. To make it edgy and attention grabbing I used a variety of bright colours, thick black strokes (Outlines) and the rotation tool to add tilts.

I used authentic logos for Arista, spotify and iTunes to make the product authentic.

I considered using a yellow stroke but chose against it because I believe it is easier to read, but chose against it as I didnt believe it was aestetically pleasing.

I added a black fade around Lukatar to make it stand out further. Using a soft paintbrush tool. I also added social media info.

I added a rating / review to entice readers and also changed Lukatar to a purple colour and graffiti font as I believe it is better than green to attract a femal audience and also the graffiti is urban. The graffiti is seen on my other ancillary so adds continuity.

This is my final magazine advert.