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  • Alex ConcepcionBusiness DevelopmentManager - 2016

  • Sales Agent

    Account Manager

    Travel Junkie

    Hello!Im Alex ConcepcionI want to be a Business Development Manager for Intrepid Travel.

  • Background

    Sales Brokered $1M+ in real estate transactions with Sea Grove Realty

    Account Management Managed 50+ vacation rental home owner clients with Turnkey Vacation Rentals

    Education BS Finance, BS Economics, Penn State University


  • Intrepid Qualifications and/or experience in sales or marketing ideally in a travel industry role

    Alex I built a $1M real estate sales portfolio. Additionally, I have experience in both the Vacation Rental and Cruise Line Industries.

  • Intrepid Personal and/or professional travel experience in over 5 destinations that Intrepid operate:

    Alex Yes! See next slides!

  • Berlin Paris

    London Copenhagen

  • Barcelona Prague

    Munich Miami (Hometown!)

  • Intrepid: Knowledge of the USA travel market

    Alex: Yes! I listen to travel podcasts like Skifts for fun.

    Intrepid: Competent in use of Microsoft office products & internet

    Alex: Yes! I grew up using Microsoft products

    Intrepid: USA passport or on-going working visa (without restrictions)

    Alex: Yes! What travel fanatic wouldnt have an active passport?

  • Intrepid: Salesforce experience (preferred)

    Alex: Yes! I used Salesforce everyday at Turnkey Vacation Rentals.

    Intrepid: Full Drivers License

    Alex: Yes!

  • Annual Operational Accountabilities

    Alex's Experience

    Growth in USA agent salesAs a real estate agent, grew sales portfolio from $0 to $1 Million in 2 years.

    Effective internal and external communication within the marketing dept and outside to the company

    Experienced with multiple modes of communication including Slack, Gmail, & Salesforce.

    Maintaining & growing existing industry contracts & relationships

    Experience using online forums, personal network, and LinkedIn to build industry relationships.

    Increase market penetration within Travel Industry

    Helped build unique direct real estate marketing platform 5x more effective than cold calling.

    Agent CommunicationConsistently managed 15+ vacation rental clients while ensuring prompt and effective communication.

    Travel Expos & Travel showsExperience attending vacation rental trade shows. I'll have a blast attending trade shows and talking non-stop about travel!

    Improve efficiency & effectiveness within USA wholesale distribution

    I'll have no trouble championing the use of online channels!


  • Intrepid: An understanding of and belief in our Responsible Travel philosophy and Core Values

    Alex: I believe the two keys to a great life are the quality of experiences and the quality of relationships. I want to contribute to Intrepid Travels goal of providing people the best quality travel experiences possible.

    Intrepid: Personal and/or professional travel experience in our destinations

    Alex: Yes!

    Intrepid: High standards of customer service and excellent communication skills

    Alex: I have a proven track record in providing dozens of real estate and vacation rental clients with top quality service.

  • Intrepid: Outstanding public speaking / presentation & training skills

    Alex: I sure hope you like this presentation!

    Intrepid: Ability to create and manage marketing strategies, promotions etc.

    Alex: Yes! I helped develop a direct marketing strategy to convert prime luxury real estate homeowners into clients.

    Intrepid: Outstanding organisational skills

    Alex: In my vacation rental role, I managed 15-20 client related projects each with 100+ steps. I built a custom Excel spreadsheet to manage every detail.

  • Intrepid: Problem solving and decision making capacities

    Alex: I solve problems by working backwards. If my goal is to accomplish X I will figure out the steps needed to get there.

    Intrepid: Ability to work independently and in a team

    Alex: I successfully worked as a real estate agent independently and a vacation rental implementation specialist on a team.

  • Intrepid: Ability to work under pressure and juggle multiple tasks

    Alex: I consistently met high pressure deadlines as a vacation rental specialist and high stress transactions as a real estate agent.

    Intrepid: Friendly, flexible and a sense of humour!

    Alex:Friendly: I sure think so! Flexible: I dont believe in a standard 9-5 schedule. Also, yoga has made me plenty flexible!Humor: When you come to a fork in the road....take it - Yogi Berra

  • Most memorable travel experience.

    World Cup 2010: Barcelona, Spain

    My most memorable travel experience took place in Barcelona Summer 2010 during the world cup. Spain reached the Finals after defeating Germany. Around this time my study abroad program ended.

    I had two options: be like my classmates and return home and watch the Finals there, or extend my stay in Barcelona and watch Spain play The Netherlands at the Plaza Espana next to ten thousand raging Spanish fans. I chose the obvious. Hell no was I missing a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    Heres what happened.

  • ....Right place, right time. Best experience ever.

  • What wouldnt you know about me from my resume. I love food and fitness (especially kettlebells)!

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    on Tuesday February 5th at 1:00PM CST?


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