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How to crack the gate and enter the iits

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    How to crack the GATE and enter the IITs

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    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (gate) exam is an all-India test conducted by the Indian Institute of Science and iits.

    - Set your goals ' Different goals have different strategies so it is important to define your goals in terms of the rank you wish

    to achieve. If you are aspiring for the top iits or psus, you will need a rank of less than 1,000 and will have to prepare

    thoroughly on all topics as opposed to someone just looking to achieve a qualifying grade.

    - Take a diagnostic test Before you start preparations it is important to know your level of competence. An analysis of your

    performance in this test will reveal your strengths as well as areas of weakness. Based on this feedback, you can then devise

    a correct preparation strategy.

    -Build your concepts ' gate is an exam which tests concepts as well as their application. Join a good classroom programme

    or an online tutoring programme which will help strengthen your concepts.

    - Practice makes perfect Make an effort to solve different types of questions in various books as they will help you be

    prepared for any kind of suprise questions.

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    - Familiarise with formulae Engineering subjects have a lot of formulae, which more often than not have to be memorised.

    Noting down all formulae in one place or referring to a collection of formulae will help you memorise data more efficiently.

    - Do not ignore General Ability ' The general ability section constitutes 15 per cent of your total marks. So be sure to pay

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  • 03/12/2013 How to crack the GATE and enter the IITs - Yahoo India Finance 2/2

    special attention.

    - Appear in a Mock Test Series ' Mock tests will help you adapt to the online pattern and assess what progress you have


    - Make your own exam strategy ' Some people like to start solving a paper from the first question, while others like to glance

    through the entire paper and start answering questions from their areas of strength. Based on your experiments in the mock

    test series, you can customise an exam strategy of your own.

    - Relax before the exam One day before the exam, stop thinking about it. Go watch a movie or play a game to relax. Try to

    appear for gate with a fresh mind.

    - Remember that GATE is not the end of the world Try to do your best and do not worry excessively about the results. This is

    just one exam among many.

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