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Writer/social media community manager for hire.

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  • 1. HELLO, MY NAME ISSUEANN.Writer & Social MediaCommunity Manager

2. Who is Sueann?Five years of advertising & marketing experienceFervent producer of content on socialmedia and blogs (both personal and professional)Amateur pole dancer, closet rockstar (really.) Hardcore fitness junkieAnimal-lover, LGBT advocate, anti-bullying activist 3. PortfolioDigital marketing: From corporate brands like DBS Bank, to theluxe ones like Hilton Hotel, to the fun and tongue-in-cheek oneslike Bobbis Pole StudioSocial media content strategy & community management:MINI Asia, Audi Star Creation (for Audi Fashion Festival), IONOrchard, Bobbis Pole StudioSingapore, AsiaRooms.com, Fashion Fast Forward, G2000SingaporePrint Advertising: Chivas Regal, Carls Jr., Burger KingEditorial: NSMen Magazine, Matchmove Games, Danceworks2011 4. Notable account: G2000 SingaporeDoubled Facebook fanbasein 4 months (45k 90k fans)and increased fanengagement rate by 126%in 2 months, solely throughwall engagement activities Highest number of interactions in single editorial post on G2000 5. What worked?My formula for the success ofthe page:- Original, brand-owned content- Topics that fans can relate to- Holding conversations with fansvia comments- Regular rewards throughFacebook offers 6. Beyond content community relationsSeeking out brand advocates and building relationships with themG2000 Singapore became a community for fans to air their viewscomfortably and even have discussions with each other 7. Other awesome achievementsWas the Finalist of Nokias The Rookie in 2010 (a 6-partreality webisode series) 8. Other awesome achievementsMy article, Death: A Pop Song was featured on ThoughtCatalog in 2011http://thoughtcatalog.com/2011/death-a-pop-song/ And its not every day aSingaporeans work gets published on the American-dominant site! 9. Other awesome achievementsGiven the honourarymention on The NewPapers feature article aboutXiaxue and popular localblogs(Although social mediaanalyst is a really weirdthing to call me.)The New Paper, 31 March 2013 10. Other awesome achievementsWon social 80s music trivia quiz, and best known formemorizing lyrics to almost every song on the radio (andother less mainstream tunes) 11. More Fun Facts.. 1. Its important to me that all varying email topics need tobe started on brand newthreads and subject headers. 2.I have a very bendylower back and open hipflexors. This helps a lotduring dance class. 3.I also currently blog atthegirlwhohatesrunning.com, where I sharethoughts on alternative fitness methods and myinsane love for working out 6 out of 7 days a week. 12. SO CALL ME MAYBE?I can be reached at:sueanntan@me.com Twitter: @ohmissfolly+65 9107 0803Facebook: /sueeeeannnHear from you soon!Instagram: @ohmissfolly