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The most comprehensive and effective course on HTML5 available in India from Tekno Point - India's most reputed training company on latest in web technologies. Benefit from our experience of training over 5000 IT professionals.

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  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Become a HTML5 Specialist
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights About Tekno Point Anything which creates a situation in which change can occur. Tekno Point positions itself as a catalyst for adoption of latest in Adobe Products.Cat-a-lyst company in India to introduce training on ActionScript, Flex, HTML5, latest versions of Adobe products, CompTIA CTT+, CQ and Adobe Marketing Cloud - Site Catalyst. With so many 1st's, you can Trust us to make you part of an upcoming technology before time and get the maximum along with growth of the technology.1st 5000 Number of working professionals Tekno Point has trained in the last 13 years.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Our Clientele And many more
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Whats unique about Tekno Point Training Consulting Interactive Our Uniqueness Trained over 5000 working professionals Delivered > 1 million man-hours Delivered 300+ Projects Pre-trained Resources Latest Technology Best Practices
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights What is HTML5? HTML5 is the 5th revision of the HTML markup language, CSS3, and a series of JavaScript APIs. Together, these technologies enable you to create complex applications that previously could be created only for desktop platforms. The next generation of web apps built in HTML5 can run high-performance graphics, work offline, store a large amount of data on the client, perform calculations faster, and take interactivity to the next level. The canvas element can be used for rendering graphs, game graphics or other visual images on the fly. Thanks to video element, now its possible,to embed videos which can work without any plugins. HTML5s Geolocation is a method of correctly pin- pointing a users location using Wi-Fi towers and GPS. The offline web applications enable users to continue with web applications and documents even when their network connection is unavailable. Source:
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Technology leaders are building HTML5 Why HTML5? Being implemented across all modern browsers. Runs on virtually any device.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Adobe & HTML5 Robust graphical foundation Magazine-like layout Cinematic visual effects Typography Consistency App platform Adobe is helping make this vision a reality through its contributions of creative features such as Adobe & the web Our mission: move the web forward and give web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Adobe & HTML5 Adobe is building the best tools and services in the world to enable web designers who code and developers who value design to create beautiful mobile-ready content and apps Introducing Adobe Edge Tools & Services New tools and services for a beautiful, modern web. Edge Animate Edge Reflow Edge Code Edge Inspect Edge Web Fonts Typekit Phonegap Build
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Find a good job with better compensation Work Better Position in Current Organization Grow Change career-track from being just a designer / developer Shift Responsive Web Designs across devices & become a Rockstar! Deliver Who should do this course? Any individual who wants to become a: MOBILE WEB DEVELOPER / DESIGNER ENTERPRISE WEB APPS DEVELOPER APP & GAME DEVELOPER With this course you can:
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Why should you learn HTML5? #1 JOB TREND IN THE MARKET FASTEST GROWTH IN HTML5 JOBS HTML5 is the #1 job trend - Ahead of MongoDB in second place and iOS in third place. Source: HTML5 is the also the fastest growing job trend adding the most number of open positions compared to even Android & iOS.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights BECOME A HTML5 SPECIALIST Learn all the tools and standards that you need to start delivering latest & innovative web experiences across devices and browsers like never before. Learn to create sites using the Responsive web design approach. We will train you right from the basics of HTML5 & CSS3, to the foundations of JavaScript and jQuery and the necessary Adobe Tools to deliver beautiful & seam less web experiences across devices.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Structure The course is a balanced mix of training on the latest tools and a series of Workshops on all the subject areas. 4 Months Duration of the entire course Jobs Placement support on successful completion of the course. Regular walkthroughs, assignments, projects and a Final project all aimed at helping you create an awesome portfolio. A perfect balance of theory and practice with an intensive hands-on training approach. Do as you learn. 2 Months Optional Internship with one of our clients or Tekno Point Interactive team.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights HTML5 for Beginners Adobe Dreamweaver Responsive Web Design HTML5 Advanced API jQuery Building Apps for Android & iOS Workshop 1: Publishing to the Web Workshop 2: Fundamentals of Project Management Workshop 3: Work Ethics COURSE OUTLINE
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline HTML5 for Beginners Introduction to the Web Getting started in HTML5 Getting started with CSS Working with DIV CSS Selectors Converting PSD To HTML Using HTML5 Semantic Tags HTML5 Media Support HTML5 Form 2.0 CSS3 Properties Using Sprites Creating Responsive Site using Media Queries & Grids Working with Twitter Bootstrap Working with LESS and Sass
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Adobe Dreamweaver CC Customizing your Workspace HTML Basics CSS Basics Creating a Page Layout Working with Cascading Style Sheets Working with Templates Working with Text, Lists and Tables Working with Images Working with Navigation Adding Interactivity and Mobile Applications Working with Web Animation and Video Working with Forms Working with Online Data Working with Code
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Responsive Web Design Introduction to Responsive Design Common Concepts of Responsive Design
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline HTML5 Advanced API Basics of JavaScript Getting started in HTML5 HTML5 Video / Audio / svg Geo-location Drag & Drop Local Storage Browser History Filesystem API
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline jQuery Getting started with jQuery jQuery with HTML Page Content Manipulating Page Content Working with Events Creating Custom Animations with jQuery Using the jQuery UI Plug-In Using Widget and Effects with jQuery
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Building Apps for Android & iOS Introduction to Mobile App Development Introduction to jQuery Mobile Creating Mobile Application from Scratch Creating Web Forms for Mobile Working with jQuery Mobile Themes Rapid Deployment with jQuery Mobile Widgets Integrating Geo-location Data with Google Maps Previewing an App in Device Central Congfuring Dreamweaver for Android Congfuring Dreamweaver for iOS
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Additional Topic: Implementing Google analytics Learn to implement Google Analytics
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Workshop 1: Publishing to the Web In this workshop, you will be introduced to the concepts of web & internet and how websites are hosted. This will help you understand how to deploy and maintain your codebase on the server.
  • 2014 Tekno Point. All Rights Course Outline Workshop 2: Fundamentals of Project Management This Workshop introduces you to Fundamentals of Project Management. It starts with basic definition of Project & Project Management