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  1. 1. Thoughts and inspirations from APPS FOR KEEPING YOUR TEAM ORGANISED AND CONNECTED
  2. 2. Staying organised and connected is necessary to the sustained productivity in a workplace setting. This is especially the case for small businesses, where small teams must stay connected and on point to keep up with their larger competitors. Luckily, there are many apps and other pieces of technology that can aid you in your organisation and productivity efforts. Next, we will outline a few apps that are great for keeping your team organised and connected! INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. If youve studied at the graduate level, or worked on a large project that requires a lot of writing and research, you are likely familiar with Evernote. Evernote allows you to create lengthy word documents, easily gather research materials, as well as easily present and discuss your findings with others. You can gather your web articles, photos, and even hand written notes within Evernote. Evernote can be effectively deployed on a project-to- project basis to keep all of your information in one convenient place. EVERNOTE
  4. 4. Awesome Note is one of the many all-in-one organisers that brings together to-do lists, notes, and calendars into one app. The main advantage of Awesome Note is that it is incredibly user-friendly and customisable. Each individual can find a way to make Awesome Note work well for personal project and responsibility tracking. Awesome Note is available on iOS. AWESOME NOTE
  5. 5. 30/30 enhances your productivity chiefly through task timing. 30/30 is similar to a pomodoro clock, which deploys 30 minute intervals including 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. These intervals keep you focused while also allowing you time to breathe. 30/30 is very customisable: labels, times, icons, and colors can all be tweaked. Perhaps most importantly, you can even adjust how youll receive push notifications from the app! 30/30
  6. 6. Slack is a web-based communication and file-sharing app. With Slack, you can send private messages from person to person, as well as organise your teams into groups for project-specific and task-specific communication. Better yet, you can send documents through slack! Another app, Asana, takes all of the features Slack offers and pushes them one step further, integrating them exclusively into a task and project management system. Asana hopes to be your one-stop source of business communication, given their tagline AsanaTeamwork without email. SLACK AND ASANA
  7. 7. Finally, there is email application CloudMagic. CloudMagic offers all of the services you would expect from an email client: custom email signatures, colors, groups, and congregate emails from many email addresses into one convenient interface. It is also compatible with most other major email websites. Whats unique about CloudMagic is one of their security featuresremote wiping. If you lose a device, you can remotely wipe all email data on that device, ensuring that it doesnt get into the wrong hands. If confidentiality is important to your business, you should seriously consider CloudMagic! CLOUDMAGIC