6 Insights That Can Change How You View Your Career

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  • 6 Insights That Can Change How You View Your Career Aniisu K Verghese in.linkedin.com/in/aniisu www.intraskope.com www.intraskope.wordpress.com http://www.twitter.com/aniisu



  • Context Every organization reviews their talents capabilities,

    performance and progress periodically. Often, what goes on during these discussions can throw light on what guides decision making about employee performance outcomes and what one must be aware of while delivering the best in your role.

    I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to be part of conversations that invites feedback about employees, evaluates how connected they are with the business, what differentiates them from others and what can be done to improve their impact. A few themes emerge consistently each time and may be helpful for us to ponder over.

  • Positivity matters: It is no surprise that people want to be around those who are positive. However, what struck me most is that the positivity which shines through from people sometimes gets reviewers to underplay if the individual hasnt done such a good job. Keep yourself really busy and stay away from office politics. What matters is how optimistic one can be at the workplace, and genuinely.

  • Perception counts: Every interaction gives colleagues an opportunity to understand each other. How people perceive you can have an impact on how your review is discussed. It isnt about being unauthentic and merely projecting an image. It is about being aware that how you are perceived in terms of your ability and knowing that your behavior does influence review outcomes.

  • Engagement rules: The more you go beyond your realm of control and scope of work the more chances of your engagement being acknowledged and appreciated. It doesnt mean you step on other peoples toes to accomplish a lot. This is more about your ability to behave in a boundaryless manner and add value to others even when you have a lot to get done.

  • Feedback defines: If you are not seeking feedback about your work often or reaching out to stakeholders and peers as you progress with your assignments there is little that reviewers will have to say about you. Your ability to welcome feedback, do something with it and circle back on progress you have made is crucial for your success.

  • Consistency helps: Everyone loves dependable people and if you are the force holding the team together then it does wonders for the confidence peers and others have in you. So being consistent pays in the long run as you are seen as a go-to person to deliver results time after time. To do that you need to have a plan, now and for the future.

  • Thinking pays: Just getting a job done isnt enough. As the world moves to machine learning and automation the need for creativity and thought leadership will expand. That means you will be asked to do a lot more thinking about your work and create approaches that can be sustainable for the business. How you think through a plan and bring it to life will be an expectation and a key differentiation for reviewers. Bringing fresh perspectives, being curious and leading with your thoughts will be the new normal.

  • A word of caution for reviewers. Many bias could creep in while such evaluations are conducted. Be mindful of the recency/primacy and halo effects as well as group think when you provide your inputs. Reviews can make and break careers and lives.

    It is a big responsibility on the shoulders of those who are involved in reviewing potential and performance for many who may not even know they are being discussed in conversations.

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