Why Android is So Popular among Business?

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  • 1. #90% areusing feature-rich andinteresting Smart-phonesYouwillfindatleast10%offolksthat dont have Smartphone andremaining 90% are using featurerich and interesting Smartphonesthat are helpfulfordoingalltheirworkwithanease.Nodoubt,youwill find a number of brands forsmartphones; however, the mostacceptable is iOS and Android.Being an expensive OS, iOS ismostly adopted by businessmenand rich people while Android ishotfavouriteofalltypesofpeople.Like Android device, AndroidApplication Development is alsopopular among the people as itserves business as well asentertainment requirements at themostcompetitiverates.

2. #Android is an opensource platformsAsweallhaveaGoogleAndroidisanopensourceplatforms,allowingdeveloperstocustomizeapplicationaccordingtotheclientsrequirements.Whilepurchasingalatestdevice,youwillfindpreinstalledapplicationsthatareprovidedforuse.But,notonlypreinstalledapplicationsarebestfordoingalltheoperations.Theseapplicationsarehelpfulfordoingthingslikeplayingmedia,emailing,browsing,etc.So,ifyouwanttoexpandthecapabilityofyourdevice,youhavetoaddsomeapplicationsinyourSmartphone.Moreover,ifyouwanttogetanAndroidapplicationforyourbusinessrequirements,youhavetohireexperiencedandroiddevelopersthatgiveyouaperfectsolutionthroughexcellentAndroidapplicationdevelopment. 3. #Perfect developmentof your choice.Selecting iPhone developer isthe most daunting task thanchoosing type of applicationthat you want to develop.If you are hiringinexperienced developers forthe sake of money, you surelyfail to get perfect developmentof your choice. Moreover,she/he should able to designyour ideas that you havethought. No matter, you arehiring for personal use orbusiness use, it is fruitful tohire experienced developersthat have already createdhundreds of apps of differentindustry verticals. 4. Why DevelopersPrefer Android?Owned by Google, it supports allcomputing tasks.Do not have to engage with termsof licensing issue as it is freefrom all restrictionsDevelopers should get greatsupport by the biggestcommunity of developers andprogrammers in case of anyproblem.Providing preferred strength andrecital to an app due to its Linuxbased operating systemAbility to minimize time andefforts while development 5. #50% attention of theirmobile customersAbove are some of the reasonsthat give you an idea regardingthe popularity of Androiddevice. One of the best reasonsfor adopting AndroidApplication development is it isavailable in over 50% Smartdevices that enhance businessopportunities for those peoplewho want to grab attention oftheir mobile customers. 6. Thankyou,PerceptionSystemAddress:2nd Floor, Samudra Annexe,Off C.G.Road, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380009Gujarat, INDIAMail :info@perceptionsystem.com