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<p>Wedding Program For The DIY Bride</p> <p>Wedding Program For The DIY BrideWedding programs are one of the little details that add a special and personal touch to your wedding day. They allow guests to feel more involved in the ceremony and are a great keepsake for you and your guests.</p> <p> Pre-Cut Ribbon</p> <p>Our ribbon can be ordered pre-cut in lengths of 14" (typically used for the tassle look on petal fans) for 35 cents per piece or 24" (used for layered and stacked programs or for tying ribbon in bow) for 45 cents per piece. We use a special cutting technique to prevent any fraying of the ribbon. See ouravailable ribbon colorsfor color options.</p> <p> EYELETS</p> <p>Order silver or gold eyelets to assemble any of our petal fan programs, layered programs, or stacked programs. The eyelets are 3/16" diameter, and fit any of our pre-punched unassembled petal fan program holes. Eyelets are sold in packs of 50 for $3.00 per pack.</p> <p> Template Design</p> <p>Like our designs, but want to do it yourself? Have a custom template created for you so that all you need to do it print out your product. We will created a template of any of our products available on our site for $50.00. This includes up to 3 revisions. Additional revisions are $10 each. The final template will be sent in a pdf file version.</p> <p> Stacked Programs with Backing</p> <p>Stacked Program with Backing - Fully Assembled</p> <p>Stacked Program with Backing - Unassembled</p> <p> Stacked Programs without Backing</p> <p>Stacked Program without Backing - Fully AssembledStacked Program without Backing - Unassembled</p> <p>E-mail:</p> <p>Website:</p>


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