Wealth Creation Secrets....Unveiled!

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1. Building A Diamond Business In Nigeria & How It Has Changed My Life Presented by John Ekperigin, Diamond Manager 2. Your willingness and how prepared you are to get to the top successfully is important. 3. I took a look at myself, examined my attitude / philosophy, and made the necessary changes to suit FLP business 4. Powerful inspiration, burning drive and strong desire for success Fuel it, propel it, empower it, energize it, nourish it with passion and enthusiasm and a contagious belief 5. The Need For Knowledge So I Studied The Business 6. Big Dreams Required . . . 7. Consistent Massive Action Made The Calls Made Contacts Made The Presentations SponsoringTeach, Coach 8. Showcasing Results And Lifestyle Products demonstrations Products & business testimonials Regular rallies with our brand new cars 9. How FLP Has Changed Our Lives 10. Lecturer for over 20 years, with two Masters degrees (MSc & MBA with PhD in view) Practicing Pharmacist for over 20 years Before FLP 11. With FLP 12. It was difficult to achieve our dreams in terms of financial freedom; but with FLP in just few years we earned great bonuses, profit shares, earned incentives and worldwide travels. 13. John & Justina Ekperigin 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 $426,543 $386,785 $306,939 $131,088 $65,201 $86,965 $166,940 $47,846 $118 9,892 9,105 8,215 3,871 1,884 2,586 5,281 1,978 28 14. Year Profit Share 2004 $10,109 2006 $22,835 2009 $115,835 2010 $264,325 15. We Are Enjoying Our Dream Cars 16. Our Forever Home 17. The Children Have All Graduated 18. We Have Enjoyed Several Wonderful Vacations With All Expenses Paid For 19. Flp Brought More Love And Happiness To My Family 20. We Have Enjoyed Recognitions 21. We Have Enjoyed Good Leadership Trainings On How To Overcome Fears 22. Some Tips On How Others Can Achieve Success Knowledge of the business and skill to work the business We use the FLP business cycle Develop contact list (WDYKL 100+) and teach down lines and any newly signed on distributor to do the same Make the calls daily to invite or make appointment Do 2-4 Presentations a day For personal recruiting Helping down lines recruit 4 CC 23. Some Tips On How Others Can Achieve Success Sponsor 2-5 new distributors per month, so as to build a viable team In building the business, you need to sponsor a lot of people, sort out those with leadership qualities and teach the leaders to duplicate the system Embark on leadership training programmes to develop leaders Help them set goals Teach them communication, prospecting, presentation & sponsoring skills Help them believe in themselves Teach them how to be focused, consistent and persistent 4 CC 24. Some Tips On How Others Can Achieve Success Effective planning session for each sponsored down line must be in place so as to properly plan how to work the business with them. We embark on not just team building, but team keeping activities to ensure our downlines stay and have fun. Build the business around the products by using a lot, recommending and retailing them. Hence we need to develop at least 20 customer base through effective regular product launches Build the business on the duplication principle of 5 reaching other 5 with 4CC success factor non-negotiable team culture 4 CC 25. With The Above 26. As You Ascend To The Top To Become Diamond, Soar Like An Eagle 27. The opportunities offered by Forever Living Products is a clear solution to the existing global challenges John Ekperigin Diamond Manager 28. Many people fail in life not for lack of ability , or brain or even courage, but simply because they never organize their energies around a goal and the Purpose Producing Activities Elbert Hubbard Thank You