Urban Pollinators: who we are, what we do, how we can help you

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A short introduction to Urban Pollinators, the placemaking and regeneration company run by Julian Dobson, writer, editor, speaker and researcher. Find out who we are, what we do and what people say about us.


urban pollinatorsinspiration and knowledge to create better placesa short introductionWHY THE NAME? WE CHOSE URBAN POLLINATORS BECAUSE WE WANT TO SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS THAT BRING PLACES TO LIFEUIVQNM[\W[][\IQVIJTM VMML-]ZWXMXMZ[WVITQV^WT^MLZMOMVMZI\QWVI^WQLKQ\QM[QVMY]ITQ\a4WKITMVWZUW][XWWZWXXWZ\]VQ\aLQ[IL^IV\IOML TM[[XMWXTMVMQOPJW]ZPWWLN]VLQVOLMUIVLMLJ]QTLLMTQ^MZQVOKWV\QV]MOZI[[ZWW\[PMIZ\LMKQ[QWV[[SQTT[MNNMK\Q^MTa]VTQSMTa_MTTZM[]T\[VMMLMLTM\LWVM_WZSKPWW[M PI\M\ISMWZOIVQ[I\QWV[UMIVOW^MZVUMV\IZMI[ZM[W]ZKM[NQVIVKQITR][\ OW[WKQITTMN\NWK][]X_IZL[IT[WM^QLMVKMQV[\Q\]\QWV[[QUXTaI[XQZI\QWV[MV^QZWVUMV\ [\Z]K\]ZM[IK\Q^Q\aUIVaJWV][M[_Ia[UIaWZ[TWKITTa.WK][Y]ITQ\aJI\P_I\MZXWWZM[\M`IUXTM[JIVSQVOM[[MV\QIT\ZIQVQVOTQNMKQ\QbMV[NIQTP]J[IT_Ia[5IVaOM\KWUU]VQ\aNWK][MLMVMZOaM^MZa[]XXWZ\UI\\MZ[:MKWOVQ[MTWKIT[MZ^QKM[ZMQV^M[\ JZWSMZKMV\ZITJ]QT\8ZWUW\MML]KI\QWVX]JTQKI[[Q[\IVKM\IKSTQVO]ZJIVLMXZQ^ML _WZ[\WNNVMKM[[IZa PIXXMVNQVIVKMQUXWZ\IV\ZM[XWVLNIKM[\I\M+WVN][M_MIT\PJMVMNQ\[VMML[]VLMZ[\IVLWXXWZ\]VQ\QM[MKWVWUQKW_VMZ[PQXLMITQVOIKKW]V\IJTMIK\QWVTWKITQ\a^Q\ITQV[]TIZ+WVN][MKQ\aQVKT][Q^MM\PVQK&RYHU0DQLIHVWR0DQLQGG REGENERATION | ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT | SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIESNewStartWWW.NEWSTARTMAG.CO.UK APRIL 2010New Start April 2010 Issue No 477IWHAT DO WE MEAN BY CREATING BETTER PLACES?A VISION OF A BETTER FUTURE, UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONTEXT AND INSPIRATION FOR ACTIONPLACES FOR PEOPLEOUR WORK ON THE FUTURE OF TOWN CENTRES PUTS THE PEOPLE WHO USE THEM FIRSTPLACES TO SHAREWE EXPLORE AND PROMOTE COMMUNITY USE AND OWNERSHIPPLACES FOR THE FUTUREWE SEARCH OUT THE QUALITIES AND ACTIONS THAT MAKE PLACES RESILIENT AND SUSTAINABLEWHAT ROLE DO WE PLAY?WE INSPIRE, FACILITATE, TEACH AND HELP TO SOLVE PROBLEMSCOMMUNICATING AND INSPIRINGWE SHARE STORIES AND LEARNING, FROM WRITING BLOGS TO WRITING BOOKSSPEAKING, LECTURING AND FACILITATINGWE WORK TO FEED THE MINDS AND AMBITIONS OF PRACTITIONERS, LEARNERS AND CITIZENSRESEARCHING AND CONNECTINGQUALITATIVE RESEARCH, INTERVIEWS, POLICY ANALYSIS AND LITERATURE REVIEWSA FEW RECENT HIGHLIGHTSEXAMPLES OF OUR WORK AND ACTIVITYRETHINKING THE HIGH STREETSTIMULATING CHANGE AND CHALLENGING RECEIVED WISDOMWe have galvanised new thinking on better futures for the high street, spoken at national and international events, encouraged citizen-based activism and helped to reframe the debate about the purpose of town centres.LAND, FOOD AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENTPUBLISHING THE #INCREDIBLEBOOK, RESEARCHING GREENSPACE FUTURES & COMMUNITY FORESTSWere publishing the inspiring story of Incredible Edible Todmorden, were pushing forward the debate on 21st century commons and weve examined how communities can play a stronger role in caring for natural assets such as forests. IN THEPUBLICINTEREST?REGENERATION AND PLACEMAKINGPEOPLE-CENTRED REGENERATION AND NEW FUTURES FOR MILITARY LAND AND PROPERTYWe have developed the case for regeneration with a human face, produced original research on how redundant military assets can be used for community benefit, and trained council officers in how to create better places.WHAT DO OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US?A FEW COMMENTS FROM PEOPLE WEVE WORKED WITHJulian has a deep and detailed knowledge of urban regeneration and local economic development... he produces exceptionally high quality work which challenges conventional wisdom (Professor Colin Williams, Sheffield University)Julian was our opening keynote for our National Mainstreet Australia conference... his presentation was brilliant, very relevant, inspiring and stimulating. (Nicole Maslin, executive committee member, Mainstreet Australia)I would like to recognise the particular efforts of Julian Dobson and his team at Urban Pollinators, whose insights I have found both inspirational and invaluable. (Mary Portas, the Portas Review)Your contributions... were thoughtful, creative and accurate. It is a pleasure for us all to have material that needs so little reviewing/editing. (Josh Stott, policy and research programme manager, Joseph Rowntree Foundation)CAN WE GIVE YOU A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE?EDITING, WRITING, SPEAKING, TEACHING, EVENTS AND FACILITATION: JUST ASK USIt is through the performance of creative acts, in art, in thought, in personal relationships, that the city can be identified as something more than a purely functional organisation of factories and warehouses, barracks, courts, prisons and control centres.Lewis Mumford, The City in History, 1961[a quote that sums up our philosophy]find out more (or follow the links in this presentation)www.urbanpollinators.co.uk send us a messageTwitter: @urbanpollinator