Understanding Your Customer's Motivation

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Understanding your customers motivation is as simple as knowing what makes them tick.

Tapping into their life rhythms will enable you to help them accomplish their financial goals, which will make them happy and you successful.


The first step in understanding your customers motivations is to ask them questions. Asking the right questions is vital.

What are your financial goals? For what do you want to save? Which life events do you anticipate being on the horizon?

Dont forget the most important part of asking a question: listening to the answer.


As you ask good questions and listen well to the responses, youll begin to build relationships with them. Remember that you are not just selling financial instruments.

Rather, you are helping real people to meet their financial goals. These real people will turn into life-long clients.


A person only becomes a life-long client when you help them to meet their financial goals.

Make yourself available to them, not just at the beginning of the financial planning process, but throughout their lives. A life-long friend will be a life-long client.

Being there for customers will enable you to care for them which will bring meaning and purpose to your own business.


Its time to briefly mention five common motivations you will experience with your customers.

The first motivation is simply that your customers want to build financial security by increasing their wealth. If this wasnt their goal, they would have never met with you in the first place.


Your customers may not use these words but their underlying goal is to build wealth to meet their financial goals.

Your customers want to build a future. They will have some desire to create a reality that will be fueled by economic gains, gains that you help them to achieve.


Your goal is not just to help them make money, but to help them create a vision for their financial future.

Because every vision of the future will be laced with purpose, youll see that a third common motivation is that a client wants to experience a meaningful life.


Most people want to find meaning in their life. Customers who will take the time to sit down with you will be especially motivated to establish a meaningful life through their financial plans.

Meaning and purpose may change over time and financial plans will need to adjust as well.

One of the more obvious motivations is caring for family.


A customer will explicitly say that he or she wants to care for their spouse and children, to help their parents or leave a nest egg for their grandchildren.

May never enter your conversation but it is the underlying reasonfor everything.


Your customers want to feel good.

At the end of the day and at the end of their lives they want to feel good about who they are and what theyve done.

Financial security is one key aspect to feeling good and helping others to build their wealth is your contribution to them achieving their goals.

They will feel good and so will you.

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