Toward Consumer Engagement: Marketing moves from Impressions to Expressions

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  • 1. Toward Consumer Engagement How Marketing is moving from simply Delivering Impressions to Generating Expressions Dr Laurent Flors CRM Metrix - MetrixLab!/crmmetrix lflores@crmmetrix.com February, 2012
  • 2. MARKETING? Product Shouting LoudRelationship Talking vs Conversing 2
  • 3. Brands Talk rather than Listen or Converse 3,000 messages every day, 188 every hour, 3 every minute The ratio of listening to talking is 1 to 50 (*) still brands believe they are customer centric (*) Source: Esomar & Veronis Suhler
  • 4. Still...Markets remain Conversations
  • 5. Purchase Influence AVERAGE 1 Friend / Family 56% 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 6 What people say about your product and services is 7 bar none the most important influencer over a 8 consumers decision to buy a product. 9 How they communicate can be varied, but the one10 constant is how good of a product or service you have put out.11 12 If you want to tap into your #1 media channel, its13 pretty simple, create great products and services and make your content sharable.14 15 16 17 18 5
  • 6. From B to C Marketing to C to B to C Consumer Brand Consumer 6
  • 7. What are the Consequences? Talk Less, Engage More! Networked consumers will create more content, speak more about you than any media time you will ever buy be able to buy! You still need Content: A Big Idea and the ability to Empower Consumers to Talk about you/for you Move your Marketing beyond delivering impressions to Generating Consumer Expressions
  • 8. Coca-Cola Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions (*) The prevaling role of Big Ideas Accept that consumers can generate more messages than you ever could Develop content that is Liquid and Linked Accept you dont fully own your brand; your consumers do Speak up to set your record straight, but give your fans a chance to do it so first(*) Joe Tripodi, EVP Chief MarkeHng and Commercial Ocer of the Coca-Cola Company.
  • 9. Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions Accept that consumers can generate more messages than you ever could Lets go back in Time... The Coke/Mentos Story
  • 10. Huge Buzz and Consumer Engagement
  • 11. Coca-Cola/Mentos Story (2006) So succesful that Mentos Bought the initial video and organized the even to maximize consumer engagement. Although the Coca Cola teams reaction was blas (it did not project the right image, they said), the executives at Mentos were elated (*). Mentos advertising budget is usually USD 20 million a year, and company officials estimate they have generated at least half that in free name recognition as a result of the viral video. Sales climbed 20 percent during the first viral tsunami, and even after the commotion died down, they remained 15 percent higher than they had been.(*) Sources : ABC News, The Mentos and Diet Coke SensaHon, June 2006 & Media Magazine, What Happens When You Let Go, May 2007.
  • 12. Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions Create Ideas that are contageous ( Liquid ) and Linked to: Consumers Interest Brands Business Objectives Example: Tipp-Ex Campaign ( a Hunter Shoots a Bear )
  • 13. hp:// (*) Tipp-Ex Campaign ( a Hunter Shoots a Bear ), 2010
  • 14. Tipp-Ex Campaign (2010) A typical Liquid and Linked Campaign that generated Engagement Hunter Shoots a Bear" was: - watched more than 48 million times on YouTube - shared by 350,000 people on Facebook - clocked up one tweet every second for the first three days of the campaign. - Seen in 217 countries - achieved a 30% uplift in sales (for something as old- fashioned as correction tape not bad)(*) Source: AdAge 2011
  • 15. Yes Engaging: People really searched Tipp-Ex
  • 16. Tipp-Ex Linked Content = Success! BrandConsumers Business Interest Objectives Branded ExpressionsHuge Buzz +30% in Sales 16
  • 17. Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions Old Spice Brilliant Media Ping Pong Engage on different touchpoints throughout the year, to revigorate historic P&G Old Spice Brand
  • 18. Old Spice Campaign Media Ping PongEstablished brand equity on TV with fantasHc content. Ping. Then extended the compelling story to Facebook and Twier Pong. And to Digg, Reddit, and several other smaller ponds Ping. Whose users went to the big YouTube pond to see the videos Pong. Where they experienced a level of a brands personal aenHon and engagement that has rarely, if ever, been seen before Ping. Then tweeted and commented like crazy about it Pong. Which garnered coverage for the campaign on television, in print, and on radio, making Old Spice, your grandfathers brand of deodorant, naHonal news. (*) Source: AdAge 2011
  • 19. Write your POEM to Engage throughout the Purchase Cycle: Integrate All Media Touch Points Paid Owned website, mini website, blog, sponsorship sec4on, mobile site customer Experiences Brand equity Earned
  • 20. Engaging throughout the year: people continuously search Old Spice
  • 21. Succes, Yes in a wayBUT +55% in sale during the first 3 months of campaign run, soared by 107% aound the time the response videos startedBUT. P&G run a Campaign rather than a relationship with its Fans to humanize its business and ensure long-term relationships with their customers As of September 2010, the brand had over 120,000 followers on Twitter that it do not connect with 2 months after its active push on Twitter, only 23 tweets, with no personal tweet sent to any followers Relathionship has a cost that goes beyond a campaign
  • 22. Toward Consumer Engagement Accept that consumers can generate more messages than you ever could Develop content that is Liquid and Linked Accept you d