Top ten looks for summer

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The top 10 looks for summer presents what is hot and stylish for the sweltering summer months.

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  • 2. CRAZY PRINTS This summer crazy prints are IN! Bold, bright colors along with animal orgeometric prints are making your summer standout.
  • 3. FESTIVAL WEAR The summer months are full of awesomemusic festivals across the country. From fringy pieces to breezy flowy skirts,festival wear consists of anythingcomfortable to wear in the sun.
  • 4. ANIMAL INSPIRED TEE-SHIRTS Animal inspired t-shirts are the newest rageto hit the fashion scene. Celebrities have cemented the trend bysporting animal inspired tees by big namedesigners like Givenchy,Victoria Beckham,and Roberto Cavalli.
  • 5. WHITE ON WHITE ON WHITE Pairing white along other white pieces isHOT for summer. Varying fabrics and textures of differentwhite pieces add a sense of uniqueuniformity.
  • 6. FLOWERS Flower prints on dresses, blouses, and skirtsare cool and fitting for blazing summermonths. Floral prints and pieces are also perfect forfestivals often frequented in the summer.
  • 7. CASUAL STREET STYLE Casual street style can literally be anythingyou make of it. This effort-less style can be a mixture ofcolors, textures, and prints .
  • 8. RUFFLES Ruffles were big on the spring and summer2013 runways. Ruffles add a hint of femininity to any outfit!
  • 9. AQUA BLUE The color blue is the hottest color forsummer. Different variations of blue are popping upeverywhere from the runway to the streets ofAmericas cities.
  • 10. GRAPHIC PRINTS Graphic prints are a great way to make afashion statement. Pair different types of graphic prints for aneven wilder ensemble.
  • 11. GEISHA INSPIRED LOOKS Whether its a kimono or jean shorts, theGeisha inspired look is in for summer. Thanks to help from designers like Prada,Armani, and Hermes, the trend has movedfrom the runways to the streets.