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Top teaming tactics - from in to win -- v8 -- comptroller of currency

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Text of Top teaming tactics - from in to win -- v8 -- comptroller of currency

  • 1. TopTeamingTacticsJudy Bradt, CEO1
  • 3. What Youll Learn What Primes Really Want Your Fit Checklist Teaming Types Teaming Agreements & Beyond The Meeting & Briefing Toolkit3
  • 4. Why Team?4
  • 5. Why Team? Leverage SBA affiliation rules Increase competitiveness Reduce risks & costs Gain past performance Address licensing / certifications / bonding Access contract vehicles (Large & small) Meet small business / subcontracting goals Ensure local roots5
  • 6. Teaming By The Numbers:76 54 4 - 62 Large to Small Small to Small Large to Large Complex Teams6
  • 7. 2011 3-Year Bidding:Down 50% From 20072011 VIP Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses 7
  • 8. 3-Year Win Rates Down(Prime and Subcontracts)2011 VIP Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses 8
  • 9. Benefits: To Big Businesses9
  • 10. Benefits: To Big Businesses Meet small business subcontracting goals. Access set aside contracts Project-based access to niche expertise Keep focused on core competencies. Get essential expertise @ variable cost10
  • 11. Benefits: To Small Businesses11
  • 12. Benefits: To Small Businesses Access set asides and niche expertise Combined assets, experience, location enable smallfirms realistic competitors on complex requirements Build past performance & reputation by association Economies of scale: More purchasing power Easier access to capital and bonding12
  • 13. Why Does Teaming Fail?13
  • 14. Pre-Teaming: Gap Analysis Can you go it alone? Go for it! Requirements exceed your core competencies?Gap analysis to pick partners= +RFPAgency Needs:A.B.C.D.E.My CapabilitiesI Have:A.B.c.DE.My PartnerMust Have:a.b.C.d.e.14
  • 15. Picking Prospective PartnersAdvance Research Beats Speed Dating15
  • 16. Your Fit Checklist16
  • 17. RegisterResearchFindPartnersGetSourcedSystem for Award Management17
  • 18. Where can I find a small partner?Dynamic Small Business Search @
  • 19. Potential Partners Matching Your Criteria Priority:Veteran-Owned19
  • 20. Want Primes To Return Your Call?20
  • 21. Chireda Gaither, Computer Sciences CorporationManager, Supplier Diversity Program for North American Public SectorBringopportunity.Do yourhomework.Know whatwe do.21
  • 22. Partners Look For22
  • 23. Mini Panel With Our PrimesDeloitte Services LPJoyce HarrisSmall BusinessLiaison Officer,Federal PracticeBooz Allen HamiltonDiane MarsdenManagerSmall Business Office23
  • 24. Partners Look For What business you bring Where can you take them? Buyer contacts Core capabilities & differentiation Past performance & reputation Price, financial strength Personnel experience & low turnover Location Dependable, responsive team player Timeliness in all things from the start24
  • 25. Supplier Portal RegistrationBe Selective!25
  • 26. Lillian Magero, Small Business Liaison Officer, IBMNobodyDoesEverything.Tell MeYourSpecialty.26
  • 27. What CanYou Bring?27
  • 28. What Can You Bring? New Task Orders on Incumbent Business New Projects You Can Help Them Win Solutions to Known Problems Contacts You Can Offer Benefits For Their Clients Track Record On Relevant Past Projects Cleared Staff Location28
  • 29. Affiliation& Joint Ventures29
  • 30. Teaming in Federal ContractingFAR Subpart 9.6 An agreement between two or more companies to form a joint venture orpartnership to act as a potential prime contractor (JV model)or between a prime contractor and one or more companiesproposed to act as subcontractors under a particularGovernment contract or acquisition program (prime/sub model) Created before proposal submission; and Must be recognized if disclosed in a proposal, or aftercontract award if approved before becoming effective Temporary, not permanent30
  • 31. Other Key Teaming Concepts Project-specific is typical Mentor Protge: Expanding! Contingent & Non-Contingent 8(a) & MP Programs under review31
  • 32. The Big Four Teaming Types Prime Contractor / Subcontractor Joint Venture Mentor Protg General Services Administration (GSA)Contractor Teaming Agreement (CTA)Others: Licensing, distribution, coop R&D32
  • 33. Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Most common Prime has direct contact and responsibility(privity) with the government Prime is in control Wants flexibility (vs. subcontractor desire forguarantees) Subcontract might require review bycontracting officer and/or finalization priorto the final offer to the government.33
  • 34. Prime Contractor/SubcontractorFAR clauses that can flow down to the sub: Mandatory: FAR requires these. Often public policy (e.g. equalopportunity, drug-free workplace) Advisory: Included to protect the prime. (e.g., termination forconvenience, changes) Negotiable: Situational usage / DiscretionaryRead, Review, Reflectand be ready to Revise or RejectUnderstand compliance & costsGet Legal Advice, Early & Often34
  • 35.

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