Top 5 game changers for B2B marketers

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An infographic from Earnest agency showing the top 5 game changers in B2B Marketing.


  • 1.Not that long ago, being a b2b marketer was simple.The more you pushed out there, the better your pipeline.But then something changed.Here are the top 5 trends that are turning the B2B marketers world upside down.

2. . THE RISE OF THE EMPOWERED BUYER84 9 said Word of Mouth recommendationsinfluence their purchase decisions.buyers saystart with a web search.when theyre ready to buy,theyll findMEANING many are ALREADY5060 TO OF THE WAY into the buy cycle before theyll even make contact with you. 3. 2. THE NEW SPHERES OF INFLUENCE Q78 of buyers are hungry for informationThe most consumed piece of content? around their business challenge. A The HUMBLE white paper 4if the order valueis worth more than 70 of buyers review four or more pieces of research papers and postings from thought-leaders.ALL OF WHICH MEANSYOUR CONTENT SHOULD BE KING85of b2b buyers believecompanies should presentinformation via social60of B2B Marketers havealready implemented a socialmedia strategy, or will 63 of B2B Marketers are eithervaguely aware or not awarewhat is being said about theirnetworks. in the next year. companies online. 4. 3. CHANGING CONSUMPTION PATTERNS75of top senior executiveswatch videos on businesssites every week.65visit a vendors websiteafter watching a video. over half of business executives MEANING would prefer to find out more about you via their mobile device than talking on the telephone. 67 of business buyers want interesting and exclusive content through apps. So make sure you are ready. currently only 10% of the web is mobile friendly. 5. 4. MAXIMISING RETURN ON DATATHE averagemarketing database AND88Of people reportcontainshaving liedon registration formsDATA HAS A SHELF LIFE. IF ITS MORE THANBUT IF YOU GET IT RIGHT, THREE YEARS OLD,THE BEST QUALITY DATAit is LIKELY that only CAN DRIVE WHICH MEANSof your data WILL BE clean and USEFUL. 70 MORE REVENUE. 6. 5. THE inBOUND vs. OUTBOUND SEE-SAWBUT74 of b2b marketers still find 7 THINK 72 are certain that direct mail email marketing events critical. still pack a punch. 7. The world of B2B has changed again.Have you? 8. WATCH THE FILM ON YOUTUBE REFERENCES DemandGen. Content Preferences Survey / IT Business edge / Oracle MarketingProfs / Forbes / Tamar Search Attitudes report / / / Circle Research / SiriusDecisions / Fearless competitor