The Insider Strategy for Mobile Optimization

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1THE INSIDER STRATEGY FOR MOBILE OPTIMIZATION- WEBINAR -2Vera PolyakovaOptimization Evangelist TODAYS SPEAKER3WEBINAR AGENDA1. Overview2. Optimizing Usability3. Maximizing Conversions4. Building Loyalty5. Conclusion4CUSTOMERS CONVERT ON MOBILEMake your interactions count By the end of 2015, mobile interactions will account for $2.2 trillion in retail sales.(Source: Deloitte Development LLC, 2015. Think With Google, September 2012) MOBILE PRINCIPLESMobile optimization principles are key to SEO success67% of consumers are more likely to convert on a mobile-optimized site.18% of sites have adopted and practice mobile responsive web design.(Source: Deloitte Development LLC, 2015. Think With Google, September 2012)(Source: Marketing Land toBusinessMobileCommerceCrossDeviceStoreVisitsSiteTrafficUserEngagementMobile Optimization - StrategyDetermine the role mobile plays in your business strategyAppDownloads7MOBILE LAYOUT AND USABILITY8MOBILE LAYOUT AND USABILITYReduce user frustrationsSIZE Use a minimum font size of 16 pixels No pinch and zoomCOLOR Pick appropriate colors for actions, links, and warnings Darken light colorsDONT DO THISPage is not optimized for mobile and primary CTAs are not evident.9MOBILE LAYOUT AND USABILITYGetting the words rightCOPY Brevity is king Ensure your message still makes sense and captures the value propositionTip: Write copy mobile first to decrease the number of copy edits laterDO THIS:Pair down to just the primary calls-to-actions and test them in the most easily clickable real estate.10DONT DO THISPage is not optimized for mobile and primary CTAs are not evident.DO THIS:Pair down to just the primary calls-to-actions and test them in the most easily clickable real estate.11MOBILE LAYOUT AND USABILITYDesigning for mobile interactionsDESIGN Ensure that your touch elements are easy to use and spaced out Ensure important CTAs are accessible regardless of screen orientation Remove irrelevant cross linksDO THIS:Design with your users hand in mind. 49% of site navigation is done with one hand. Source: UXMatters, February 2013 LAYOUT AND USABILITYLoading speedOptimize your site for the best user experience with a potentially low bandwidth. Test your mobile site loading speed regularly Ensure that major actions and forms have fast response times Check your media throughout the site Utilize mobile appropriate images Disable auto-play videos that may freeze or disrupt the experienceDO THIS:Consider eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. 13MAXIMIZING CONVERSIONS ON MOBILE14USER STORYMeet Rob15MAXIMIZING CONVERSIONS ON MOBILEOptimize your mobile calls-to-actionPlacement is almost as important as the CTA itself The number of CTAs should naturally follow your mobile customers unique intentions Beware of scrolling banners on mobile Make sure the CTA moves down the page as the customer scrollsDO THIS:Use Call Us CTAs. Many mobile users want to call a business after finding their site, so display phone numbersclearly.16DO THIS:Pair down to just the primary calls-to-actions and display relevant form fields DONT DO THISThe customer has to scroll to continue their journey. Dont make them work for it, make it seamless17MAXIMIZING CONVERSIONS ON MOBILEOptimize your mobile forms Your goal is to decrease friction Automatically present number pads for numerical forms Use progress bars to help customers through multipart forms Automatically advance through fields as information is entered Use inline validation to check for errors in real time, prior to submissionA study by HubSpot analyzed over 40,000 landing pages and found that conversion rates improved by 50% when the number of text entry fields were reduced from four to three.Source: Hubspot, October 2010 THIS:Offer customers a number pad for fields requiring number entryDONT DO THISDont make customers take an extra step to switch to a number pad on their keyboard19MAXIMIZING CONVERSIONS ON MOBILESearch results: narrowing the field Search smarter The search tool should be one of the first things a mobile customer sees when they visit your site Zero results is a conversion killerZERO RESULTS IS A CONVERSION KILLERBe flexible with misspellings, and dont forget to include alternative product terms that customers may use.20DO THIS:Offer customers search filters to help them get to the product fasterDONT DO THISDont offer a search field that will produce hundreds of results. Offer a place to refine the search 21BUILDING LOYALTY AND REWARDING MOBILE CUSTOMERS2222MediaEngagementLanding PagesMobile Visitor JourneyAligned ExperiencesAligned ExperiencesAligned Experiences23BUILDING LOYALTY AND REWARDING MOBILE CUSTOMERSIncrease engagement with incentivesFeatures for Rewarding Customers Consider targeting promotions based on previous site behavior and favorites The key with is to make promotions and incentives feel native to the site content Use gamification and messaging tactics to track behaviorDO THISLet customers find location related deals and prices24BUILDING LOYALTY AND REWARDING MOBILE CUSTOMERSCross device opportunitiesCustomers generally use multiple devices throughout the day. Customers will use their mobile device to do research on your site with the intention of making a purchase later in the week.DO THIS:Save or shareinformation across devices through social sharing, email, or a save your cart functionality.(Source:Think With Google, August 2012) improves customerengagement and loyalty, while progressively gathering information to better serve customers.26Mobile Experience OptimizationKey Points1. Identify mobile strategy and goals2. Personalized mobile experiences for varied audience segments3. Measure mobile KPIs2727QUESTIONS & ANSWERS28START INCREASING YOUR MOBILE CONVERSIONS TODAYFind out how Kaizen can bring you 5% lift in mobile conversions in 30 daysSchedule your opportunity forecast: insights@kaizenplatform.com29THANK YOUABOUT KAIZEN PLATFORMKaizen Platform allows brands, agencies, and freelancers to collaborate, create, and test the best experiences across the digital customer journey. Kaizen is an enterprise marketing solution that works with mobile, social, display, and landing page media by combining multichannel marketing collaboration software with a cloud of expert designers and copywriters to create optimal experiences at scale. Customers like Nestle, Dannon, and Yahoo! Japan trust Kaizen Platforms full-service technology + optimizer marketplace model to save labor costs, scale creativity, increase personalization, and drive measurable ROI.+1 (415) 504-3858