Switch Thinking. Engaging Untapped Capability. Lifting Productivity. Moving from Problem to Opportunity

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Presentation at Excel's Professional Shots. Feb 26 2014

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  • 1. Switch ThinkingEngaging Untapped Capability Bruce Ross 26 February 2014* www.ignitebusiness.co.nz

2. www.ignitebusiness.co.nz 3. 1:1 Interview AB (2 mins) BA (2 mins)(Total of 4 mins) No notes to be takenTell me about a peak experience or high point in your (professional) life a time when you felt most alive, most engaged, or really proud of yourself or your work. What was it about you, the situation, the organisation or the leadership that allowed that peak experience to emerge? www.ignitebusiness.co.nz 4. Fundamental Premise Organisations grow in the direction of: WHERE THEY FOCUS THEIR ATTENTIONwww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 5. Where Does Your Attention Go? There are a range of things well be discussing today, but energy is the kee point.www.ignitebusiness.co.nz 6. Relationship between FOCUS and ENERGY 10 8 6 4 2 0What works wellWhat doesnt workwww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 7. www.ignitebusiness.co.nzBruce Ross, based on original idea by Malcolm Odell 8. www.ignitebusiness.co.nz 9. Where? Strategic Planning (buy-in)Leadership DevelopmentTeam Dynamicswww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 10. Assessing Your Team Energy Levels Free 5pg Reportwww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 11. Where? Strategic PlanningLeadership DevelopmentChange ManagementTeam DynamicsInnovation / Problem SolvingCoaching Parentingwww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 12. Summary BEFORE (UNAWARE STATE) Brains Deficit Focus (Human condition) = Effort and struggle (due to the energy leakage) Difficult to get to/sustain proactivity & leadershipwww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 13. Summary AFTER (ENERGY-AWARE STATE) Multiplier effect of raised energy levels Improved resilience, clearer thinking, better decision making Raised productivity (personally and across your team) and profitability Tools introduced today: Energy awareness (Energy chart) Intentionally positive questions Switch Thinking (Opportunity Tree) www.ignitebusiness.co.nz 14. Closing Feedback form Questionswww.ignitebusiness.co.nz 15. Ignite Business Leadership Post Event -Copy of the slides available -Access to Team Energy Asssessment Report (generated from 12 questions)Bruce Ross bruce@ignitebusiness.co.nz 0800 548 900 www.ignitebusiness.co.nz