Social Media: the Rainbow Theory

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Introduction presentation for social media starters, using the rainbow as a metaphor.

Text of Social Media: the Rainbow Theory

  • Whats at the End of Social Media PicturebyManicho by Nick Decrock, @ndecrock the rainbow theory
  • If you want to spot a rainbow, you need to know where it starts or ends. Dene where you want need to start and want to achieve in the end. - Social Media, the Rainbow theory
  • Of course you want this.
  • Social Media has as many myths as the rainbow phenomenon.
  • Where will you be social tomorrow ?
  • Make your own rainbow
  • United Colors of Social Media The Conversation Prism by Brain Solis
  • Building bridges, starting conversations
  • Social media a hype
  • EGO TAKE PART EXPRESS CURIOUS your them us @ ndecrock Human drivers for Social Media Key cornerstones for every strategy People
  • are
  • curious
  • species, fill
  • in
  • this
  • need. People
  • just
  • want
  • to
  • be
  • part
  • of
  • something.
  • People
  • like
  • to
  • express
  • their
  • opinion.
  • *like*
  • print email web TV radio PR event social mail Social media a medium
  • Social Media Medium Social Media is the human connection between media.
  • The best investment in social media is ... ... an investment in marketing. people / product / price / promotion / ...
  • People want to talk about your product or brand. Give them a reason to. In average, there are almost 25 million conversations about brands ... per week. Look ! A rainbow ! Wow ...
  • Make your own rainbow !
  • Listen Learn Share Join Engage
  • How to let the sun shine ? How to get into the cloud ? How to look for that pot of gold ? LISTEN + LEARN PARTICIPATE + ENGAGE LEADS, LOYALTY + SALES
  • knowledge inspiration golden network new products better marketing yes ... money ! Saying what we think gives us a wider conversational range than saying what we know So whats @ the end of social media ?
  • and enjoy the rainbow. Thank You PicturebyManicho Nick Decrock @ndecrock on Twitter