Slide share success business model

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This presentation gives the insights on SlideShare business. A great example of a start-up excelling in e-Business operations.Kudos to SlideShare team !!


  • 1.The Quiet Giant

2. SlideShare has a highly professionalaudience. More business owners andexecutives than any other socialnetworksdemographic. 3. Large-scale social sharing for photos for video for Presentations 4. SlideShares also been calledMillions of users Upload & share information More than PPT: Videos, Docs & PDFs as well Embed into blogs & websites Share on Facebook , Twitter & LinkedIn 5 5. But SlideShare is really for BUSINESS Users can: Upload and share presentations Powerpoint, PDFs, documents Videos and webinars6 6. 7 7. 8 8. 9 9. 10 10. 11 11. A viral content-sharing platform 12 12. 13 13. How people get to SlideShare Two main sources of traffic -Search: Searchesoften lead toSlideSharepresentations -Viral: People sharepresentations onsocial networks14 14. 15 15. 16 16. 17 17. 18 18. Custom Brand ur SlideShare Channels Why Channels for your Company? Branding Communication Engagement Lead GenerationMake it an extension of your website or brand 19. Thought Leaders DrivingSocial Media Engagement 20. Cisco CanadaGo to market bybusiness unit Data Center Cisco Internet SolutionsCisco Service ProviderCisco Mobility Cisco 21. 22 22. Generate Sales LeadsFrost & Sullivan(in 6 months) 3,000 leads 1,000 qualified $125k in sales 50x ROI 23. AnalyticsWhere are people coming from? What content do they engage with?What actions to they take with content? How are they sharing it? 24. 25 25. 26 26. 27 27. LinkedIn dashboardgives you Noof presentations, videos, documents showing on LinkedIn Views, favorites & comments on Linkedin Views of SlideSharewidget on Linkedinprofile 28. SlideShare Business Model Freemium model subscription based basic is free, charge high-end customers use free as marketing incentive Online Advertising (Revenue driven by internet traffic) Selling Featured Presentation Spots Selling Pro Packages to Businesses which give them additional features Transaction Based (charge users per transaction) 29. Advertising OpportunitiesCreated to engage this premier audienceBroad Reach Opportunities Banners Featured/Top Presentations Email NewslettersTargeted Content Opportunities Sponsorship Units Sponsored ChannelsCustomized Opportunities Custom Brand Channels Sponsored Contests 30. Featured/Top PresentationsThe only paid advertising on home page FeaturedTop1,000 500 views/dayviews/day 31. Homepage Sponsorship Reach an elite audience as they browse content33 32. Presentation Player Sponsorship34 33. Widget Sponsorship 35 34. Sponsored ChannelsSponsor popular sub-sectionsSample Channels include: Marketing Cloud Computing Social Media Entrepreneurship Small Business ITSponsorship ofBrand Logo on every Share Tools presentation pageBrandLogoEmbeds atend ofpresentation 35. Custom Brand ChannelsCreate a home on SlideShareAllow users to engage with brands by: Subscribing to the channel Sharing Viewing Favoriting Downloading Commenting Customized Brand Header on Every Channel Page Watermark on everyslide player & embed 36. Channel: MS Office 38 37. SlideShare Pro Account Subscriptions 39 38. Advertising PartnersYoure in Good Company 40