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  2. 2. Why Issue a New Banknote?2 Central banks issue new banknotes for two mainreasons: Normally, to replace notes that have lost theircounterfeit resilience; and Occasionally, to commemorate epochalevents. The new N100 banknote is being issued tocommemorate our 100 years as a single unitednation.
  3. 3. 3Examples of Commemorative Banknotes Moroccoto celebrate 25 years of the countrysbanknote production company. Russiato mark 100 days before 2014 Olympics. Costa Ricato celebrate 100 years ofindependence. Belizeto celebrate 30th independence. Kuwaitto celebrate 10th anniversary of theliberation of Kuwait. Nigeriato mark 50th independence.
  4. 4. The new N100 Centenary BanknoteIt is in this spirit that the Central Bank of Nigeria isjoining the nation in celebrating 100 years of ouramalgamation by issuing a new banknote.I am very proud to inform you that this note is a first ofits kind in many respects. It has been designed andproduced with the most advanced securitytechnology in the world.Security features and quality profile of the note4
  5. 5. Design of the new BanknoteThe design is premised on the following: Securityresistance to counterfeiting Durabilitytolerance to tropics Attractivenessfor use in Cash-driven economy Heritage collective memory of Nigeria TransformationFirst paper banknote with digitalfeatures5
  6. 6. 6Security Features of Front SideWindowed Micro-optics featuresSpark Featureswith the slave money in manila in a rolling barRetention of Chief ObafemiAwolowos portraitin intaglioRaised embossed line for the visuallyimpaired
  7. 7. Security Features of back Side QR CodeIncorporated to make note digital andstore significant information that highlights our 100 yearjourney. This feature makes the note the first smart-connectedpaper banknote in the world usingsmartphones as identity and security tool for de-encryptionof information.7
  8. 8. 9Front side of Commemorative Banknote
  9. 9. 10Back side of Commemorative Banknote
  10. 10. 10Back side of Commemorative Banknote