Purposeful Leadership

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You've reached a certain level of leadership and now you want to go to your next level of impact. Highly successful and fulfilled leaders are clear on their purpose and have chosen a model that suits them, their strengths, their passion, their purpose. Let's start your journey towards Purposeful Leadership with this presentation. Email me if you want to discuss further.


  • 1. Purposeful Leadership Cynthia Wihardja Connecting World-Class Leaders with their Purpose & Mission Firm Owner, Author, Speaker ActionCOACH South Jakarta cynthiawihardja@actioncoach.com

2. Finding Purpose PassionValuesStoryTalents Purpose 3. How My Life Shaped MeBe independent. Find your own home.Is this as good as it gets?I dont need to know everything to play. Just say YES I can learn the rules laterHelp people. Be meaningful.Inspiring people to the top 4. RESULTS Leveraged FirmWho Am I? Why Am I Here? ACTIONS/DECISIONS/BEHAVIOR Start a Firm. Market. Handover. Support SKILLS/TALENTS Attracting. Inspiring. Selling. Speaking. Coaching. Writing. BELIEFS I dont need to be good at everything. I dont need to know 100% before jumping into a new thing. There are lots of talented people to leverage on. VALUES Integrity. Growth. Contribution. Purpose. Freedom of Choice. IDENTITY I AM a strong talented woman created to do great things for the glory of God ENVIRONMENT People who believe, who love, who gives, who inspire, who want to grow, who have done it 5. What has been the most impactful time or event in your life? How has that shaped you? How has that shaped your passion? 6. Attracting Success Whats the magnet made of? -Story Passion Values TalentsWho is it attracting? 7. Why People Buy? 8. What do you love to do? What can you do for hours without feeling tired? What cause or purpose would you love to contribute to? 9. What are you really good at? What have other people complimented you on? What comes easier to you compared to most people? 10. What do people in your community / area need? What is still missing? 11. How can your talents & passion serve the need? If there were 100 people serving the same need, how would you be unique? 12. Top 5 Learnings 13. Where are you? Where do you want to go? 14. Building ActionCOACH South Jakarta 15. THE ROLE MODEL FIRM IN ASIA 16. RESULTS SYNERGY TEAMTRUST OUR TEAMLEVERAGE NICHE MASTERYMAKE SYSTEMSMAKE PROFITMAKE SALESCARE CULTUREWHY ARE WE HERE? 17. Are you a Coach? Or are you building a Coaching Business?The CoachThe MarketerThe Business BuilderThe InvestorGAP Dream, Skills, Values & Time Allocation 18. The Coach DREAMVALUESTIME ALLOCATIONHelping hundreds Marketing self of business owners PresentingSelf-EmployedMarketingSelf PerformanceSalesLots of money now for lifestyle and investmentLeverage thru alliancesLearningSelf recognitionSKILLSSelling Client FulfillmentCoaching Im the best coach Clients are #1Meeting Alliances 19. The Marketer DREAMSKILLSVALUESMarketing machineMaking the PlanEmployee/Manag Marketing plan & er executionHelping coaches help business ownersExecuting independently or through a teamLeverage thru alliancesTIME ALLOCATIONSales LearningPresenting Lots of money for lifestyle & Selling investment Public Relations Team recognitionI am a great marketerI work with great coaches Clients are #1Meeting Alliances 20. The Business Builder DREAMSKILLSAutopilot Business planning coaching business System building Helping hundreds of thousands of People business owners development & management Sustainable passive income Financial management Praising othersVALUESTIME ALLOCATIONBusiness runs without mePlanning Building systemsLeverage thru systems/peopleManagement rhythmLeads, conversion then coaches People development I can get great coaches/marketer Learning s Managers & systems are #1 21. The Investor DREAMSKILLSVALUESTIME ALLOCATIONHelping millions Business planning Investor/Entrepre Marketing plan & of business neur execution owners in Territory multiple locations selection Leverage thru Sales great managers Sustainable Management Learning passive income team selection Business managers are #1 Meeting Alliances Leveraging my Financial money through management other peoples talents 22. Are you mis-aligned? My Skills My TimeMy Dreams My Values 23. Are you mis-aligned? My Dreams My ValuesMy TimeMy Skills 24. Are you mis-aligned? My DreamsMy TimeMy SkillsMy Values 25. Work-Life Harmoney DREAMTime Skills Values 26. Where are you now in your Dreams, Skills, Values, & Time? How is that achieving your Harmoney? 27. 2014 Growth Webinar Series Objective: Accelerating the growth of ActionCOACH coaching businesses around the world Topics Defining your purpose Building a niche bio Presenting to influence Your posture as a coach Asking questions to reach emotion Building credibility in your networkTo be invited, email cynthiawihardja@actioncoach.com


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