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  1. 1. Pull Factors In StallsMethod:To better assess where customers were specificallydrawn to, I stood at the top of the first staircase.Using a naturalistic style of observation I couldidentify the busiest booths below and was able todetermine some factors in why some booths mayhave been more successful than others. I was able todetermine common elements between stalls thatseemed to attribute to the amount of visitorsattracted to specific booths.References:Results:Conclusions:A space for people to enter the stall made it so that customers couldget out of the way of others and look at the products. The accessibilityof touch provided customers a more hands on experience. Having alarger variety of items ensures that a larger demographic will beinterested in what the shop has to offer, thus increasing visitor volumeto that specific booth. Products that are not in a run-of-the-mill shopon the street offer a unique shopping experience. The best stallsincorporated one or more of these pull factors. All of the stalls Ifocused on were in a high traffic area and had a similar amount ofvisitors walk past. The booths that incorporated these factors were ableto pull customers in and make them stop instead of just a head turn ormild recognition. Through proper application of these factors a betterbooth can be created to increase their visitor volume. The mostsuccessful booths incorporated one or more of the elements Iidentified.Successful shops were able to provide: A space for people to enter their stall Customers able to stay out of the way of other shoppersand spend more time at that booth More accessible touch and interaction with theirproducts Proven sales techniques encouraging customers tointeract with product leads to more sales (Adsavvy.org,2014) A variety of items displayed without beingcluttered Appeal to a larger demographic Unique products to interest the customers Provide an exclusive shopping experienceAdsavvy.org, (2014). How To Sell More: Encourage Your Customers To Touch Everything Ad Savvy. [online] Available at: http://www.adsavvy.org/how-to-sell-more-encourage-your-customers-to-touch-everything/ [Accessed 22 Nov. 2014].Al-Haj Mohammad, B. and Mat Som, A. (2010). An Analysis of Push and Pull Travel Motivations of Foreign Tourists to Jordan. IJBM, 5(12).Country Living Magazine, (2014). Country Living Christmas Fair logo. [image] Available at: https://a1.lscdn.net/imgs/22a11686-9bc8-4989-9f18-ae5f08b8136f/700_q90.jpg [Accessed 17 Nov. 2014].Alex Casazzaajcasazza@yahoo.com No. 140314485Introduction:The Country LivingChristmas Fair provides avariety of stalls for peopleto visit. The same principlethat determines why peoplemove from place to place(Al-Haj Mohammad andMat Som, 2010) can beapplied to booths at thisshow. Push and pull factorscan be used to determinewhat makes a booth moreattractive to people. I choseto evaluate the relationshipof push and pull factorsand how they effect theamount of business a stallattracts. With this I wantedto be able to assess whatpull factors make one boothmore appealing than otherswhile identifying similarattributes in busier stallsthat might affect theirspecific visitor volumerelative to less busy stalls.Space for customers to enter the stallprovides customers with betteropportunities to interact with employeesand products.