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Productivity Tools for Startups

Productivity Tools for StartupsBy Audrey Melnik

Founded 2 Startups (1 B2B, 1 B2C)Have lived in Silicon Valley for past 4 years20 Years in Consulting, Technology and StartupsLived in Melbourne, New York, Tel Aviv and San FranciscoWent through 500 Startups

Audrey Melnik

Fostering Relationships with Startups, Investors, Corporates, Governments and other participants in Startup Ecosystems.Providing:Investor tours and other tours to Silicon ValleyGo to Market Strategy and other services to Startups looking to enter US MarketInnovation Consulting and TrainingProductivity Consulting

Funnel Ventures

What is a Productivity Tool?

A tool that helps a non-technical user perform a function or set up an automated sequence of events to handle a business problem

OverviewWhat do we need to achieve and how can we do this in an efficient manner?So many tools, so little time!Dont distract the developer!More information is at our fingertipsHow do we assimilate this information to enhance the user experience and achieve our goals?SaaS biased

Remember this?

The Customer Funnel

Content MarketingPRLists (eg. ProductHunt)Online AdvertisingSEOLead GenerationEmail Outreach CampaignsLanding PagesEmail CaptureGoal: Get User to Discover your product

Nurturing EmailsEmail Marketing CampaignsConversion OptimizationEmail List ManagementRetargetingSocial Media

Goal: Get User to Sign up for Trial or Purchase

Behavioral EmailsIn App MessagesOnline ChatOnboardingUser Behavior AnalyticsPayment Subscription ManagementScreen RecordingApp Notifications

Goal: Get user to Convert to a Paying Customer

Knowledge ManagementContextual HelpSupport TicketingNPS SurveyPipefyOnline ChatScreen Recording

Goal: Educate User and Respond to Questions & Issues

PaymentDunningInvoice GenerationMid Trial PurchasePlans & PackagesDiscount Codes

andOffer Upgrades/Additional Products to Happy CustomersDiscounts for Upgrades (esp. To Annual Plans)Upgrade (and Downgrade) CalculationsGoal: Support Subscription & PaymentGoal: Encourage Greater Spend

Advanced Dunning EmailsDetecting InactivityUnderstanding your Ideal CustomerScreen RecordingUser Behaviour Analytics

andIncentives to Refer to FriendsAffiliate ProgramsNPS SurveyGoal: Retain CustomersGoal: Get new Customers from Current Customers and Partners

Growth in Productivity ToolsStartups are solving their own problems with new toolsRemoving the developer as the bottleneckSolving very targeted problemsNeed integration into broader processesNeed to track with Metrics Tools

Keys to Smart Automation

Customer BehaviourHow they interactWhen they interactHow often they interactWhen they stop interacting

Trigger sequences of actions based on a set of attributes and behavioursCustomer AttributesPlanSigned Up DateDemographics

Integration ToolsSegmentZapierThe Center by Leadpages (private beta)IFTTTRelay for Slack

Layers of Execution


Funnel StagePlaybook

PlaybooksAutomating your NPS SurveyBlog Post: during TrialBlog Post:

Playbook: Automating your NPS Survey






Full playbook defined here:

Playbook: Discount during Trial

When coupon is applied

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