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Succesvol storytelling begint met één belangrijke vraag: waarom doe je wat je doet en waar geloof je in? Pride PR organiseerde op 23 mei jongstleden een evenement waar werd uitgelegd hoe je tot betere PR- en communicatie en dus betere verhalen komt. Rob Westerik partner bij Pride PR en Patrick de Nekker van Earth Concepts, bekend van Earth Water vertelden hun inspirerende verhaal.

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  • 1. Rob WesterikPartner PridePR en eigenaar van Leef Je Merk23 mei 2013

2. Hoe word ik eengroot merk? 3. Een merk is wat mensenzeggen dat het is!Wat is een merk? 4. Merk?? 5. Merk? 6. Groot merk? 7. Merk?? 8. Merk?? 9. De grootste merken in brand value 10. GROTE MERKENzijn bekend, relevant, onderscheidend,geliefd en geloofwaardig 11. Grote merken hebben eenecht verhaal 12. 90% van de consumenten denkt datbedrijven oneerlijk communicerenglobal issue monitor 13. Geen consument gelooft dat eenmerk om hem geeftbehalve als bron van inkomsten( 14. Be OK - CokeGeloof jij dit? 15. NEM als klokkenluiderGeloof jij dit? 16. Wanneer geloof jijeen merk? 17. Als het merk gelooftwat jij gelooft!? 18. en ergensvoorstaat! 19. en een verhaal heeft 20. dat iets in beweging zet 21. Geloof ergens in en vind de mensen(klanten & werknemers) die geloven watjij gelooft / voor staat! 22. INSPIREER!!Fascineer, en bind je publiek emotioneel aan je 23. Boei en bind door anders tecommunicerenFor too long, beauty has beendefined by narrow, stiflingstereotypes. Women have toldus its time to change all that.Dove agrees. We believe realbeautycomes in many shapes,sizes and agesDove kijkt anders naar schoonheid encommuniceert hier anders over.Bijgaand de dove insight 24. Start with why!!WHY ..HOW,Betere kwaliteit(mild, moistering,zacht) voor eenbetaalbare prijsWHAT,Range health &beauty products in>80 landen,De what, how en why van dove.. 25. The brandkey& DovefindingsDiscriminator:Doves beautyphilosofyBrand essence:Natural beautyBrandvalues:Keeper of PromisesBeautifullyUncomplicated.Spirited.Caring.The brandexperience 26. Dove sketches 2013Dove Real Beauty Sketches is a short filmproduced in 2013 as part of the DoveCampaign for Real Beauty marketingcampaign. The aim of the film is to showwomen that they are more beautiful thanthey think they are by comparing self-descriptions to those of strangers.In the video several women describethemselves to a forensic sketch artist whocannot see his subjects. The same womenare then described by strangers whom theymet the previous day. The sketches arecompared, with the strangers imageinvariably being both more flattering andmore accurate. The differences createstrong reactions when shown to thewomen.The film created a sensation upon itsonline release in April 2013, quickly goingviral. More than 15 million peopledownloaded the video within a week of itsrelease. Media reaction to the video wasmixed. The Daily Telegraph called itDoves most thought provoking film yet",while Forbes said it was "powerful", buttheir reviewer felt that "its still focusingtoo much on appearance." 27. Effect: 53 miljoen views 28. Effect op passion-score 29. In B2B is alles anders! 30. Groot merk: ook in B2B! Bekend (in de doelgroep) Relevant (voor de doelgroep) Onderscheidend (t.o.v. alternatieven) Geliefd Geloofwaardig 31. CWS say no to dirt Relevant? Onderscheidend!!! Geliefd? Geloofwaardig? 32. Ook jij hebt tenminste 1verhaal! 33. Start with why? 34. Laat merken wie jebent! 35. 36. IntroductionPatrick de NekkerGraduated from the Erasmus University -199710 years of working experience withcompanies such as Numico, Hero andHeineken2007: Founder EARTH Concepts 37. How to built abrand.. withoutmoney?. and donate min. 50.000 EUR a year 38. If you dont loveit, it will fail!* Steve Jobs 39. Thebeginning 40. What makes me happy?- Sales / Marketing- Being an entrepreneur- Doing something what I still want todo when I am 70 years old- Doing something meaningful 41. If you had the chance,wouldyou change the world? 42. The story of EARTH:- Canadian Kori Chilibeck- Climbing the Mount Everest- Largest companies are earning moneyby abusing the poorest people in theworld- Donate 100% of its net profits 43. The point of no return 44. The decision...- I invited Kori to come over- Quit my job- Collected all my savings- Ask money from friends & my parents- Started EARTH Concepts 45. The EARTH-idea:Every day 6000 people die, mostly children,due to a lack of clean waterYou can help easily! We dont ask you todonate money or work as a volunteerWe just ask you to buy EARTH ProductsEARTH Concepts donates 100% of its netprofit to fund sustainable water projects tocreate clean drinking water ** minimum donation of 50.000,- per year 46. EARTH Water 47. EARTH Co EARTH Coffee 48. Projects 435.000,- 49. Projects 435.000,- 50. Donations 51. You c You can visit the projec 52. A brand is an ideato buy into 53. Built around a philosophyideaproductsbrandprojects 54. Built around a philosophy 55. Activation of EARTH:1. Forget that there is money!*2. Tell the story about EARTH, be truthful andtransparence*3. Be true to the EARTH philosophy4. Focus on design5. The right (innovative) package for everyDistribution-Channel 56. Activation of EARTH:6. Top Outlets / Events*7. Use the right people/network/celebs8. Convince companies that EARTH helps to telltheir ownCSR story*9. Free publicity!*10. Social Media* 57. Forget about money 58. EARTH Ambassadors: 59. Black Eyed Peas 60. Nick & Simon 61. Luis Figo 62. Really Simple ReportingFunders want to see and show where themoney goes. Yet, too much great workdone by development teams is lockedaway in spreadsheets and thick reportsAkvo makes it easy to put developmentprojects online 63. Endorsed by UNESCO IHE 64. Board of Advise:Mr. R. LubbersMr. R. Hooft Graafland; CFO HeinekenMr. S. de Korte; ex CEO Plus RetailMr. D. Slootweg; CEO Deli XL(Transparant, inspiring and door-opening) 65. The right locations.Ziggo Dome Rijks Museum Oud Sluis TheDylan Hotel 66. The right Festivals 67. EARTH EventsRock and Run for WaterJune 2nd, 2013, Amsterdam 68. Help others to tell theirCSR story 69. National Team Croatia 70. Free Publicity 71. Social Media 72. International exposure 73. NetherlandsBelgiumFrancePortugalSpainSouth AfricaChinaBrazilEARTH Conceptsavailability 74. Soft Launch China: 75. Our dream:Inspiring big multi-nationals to join ourbusiness-modelDonating every year more than 1 millionEUR 76. Our dream: 77. Donation by Jesus LuzHotel W, BarcelonaStart drinking EARTH Water and savelives!If you had the chance,would you change the world? 78. Recept voor succes!1. Enthousiasme & drive2. Echt en transparant verhaal3. Jouw verhaal op anderen aflaten stralen4. Total branding (consistentuitdragen van je merk)5. Free publicity en socialmedia6. Ondernemen met lef