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For the Reps

Text of PowerPro Sports & the Rep

  • 1. PowerPro Sports& The Field Rep
    7 Steps
    To Success
  • 2. Building a Book
    This is an Opportunity to build and manage YOUR own business
    Building a Client Book
    Annuity Business
    Ongoing Relationships open doors for greater Opportunities the Power of a Network
    Not a One and Done Product You and We have so much more to Offer in the Future
  • 3. How To Be Successful
    Step 1
    it starts with a Belief in the Solution and the Business
    Step 2
    You then NEED to see How the Solution makes the most sense for YOUR clients
    Step 3
    Leverage is Key
    Step 4
    Community is Next
    Step 5
    Support is Vital
    Step 6
    Content is KING keep it fresh
    Step 7
    Never STOP, always Building and Bettering
  • 4. Do YOU Believe?
    Step 1
    Is this really real? Does this product do what we say it does? Did you FEEL it Yourself?
    Does our Business Plan make sense for YOU and for YOUR Instructors? Remember, if you do not believe that this will be widely accepted by the Instructors, thenstop right now!
    You are NOT alone we are YOUR support TEAM on the Ground, in the Air and ONLINE
  • 5. Will YOUR Instructors BELIEVE?
    Step 2
    Does our Business Plan make sense for YOU and for YOUR Instructors? Remember, if you do not believe that this will be widely accepted by the Instructors, thenstop right now!
    Run through the Business Plan we have developed from the point of view of the Instructor, then ask yourself if you were an Instructor, what would you do?
    Run through the Goods and Bads
    Put Yourself in their shoes
  • 6. Leverage is KEY
    Step 3
    Do The Math, its all in the leverage
    How many Instructors can you sign up?
    How many can an Instructor sell on the Tee Deck and off of it!
    Better Question: How many can you Reach and let them know about this Opportunity?
    Just as the Powerchute SELLS ITSELF, so will this
    No buying of Inventory
    No Long Sales Cycle
    Easy To Demonstrate
  • 7. Its (Y)OUR Community
    Step 4
    The Powerchute product promotes a sharing instinct tell me just one golfer that doesnt share their golfing everything?
    We have such a strong first impression we have to tell somebody
    This plays perfectly with what you are building a network of Instructors who want to tap into the excitement of the Powerchute
    Then we help grow that Network ONLINE, for and with YOU help us by capturing that WOW content and sharing with ALL
  • 8. Support is VITAL
    Step 5
    Everybody wants HELP Me, You and the Instructor
    So we will SUPPORT you with:
    Online Video Content
    New Testimonials
    Ongoing Marketing via Traditional Media and Online Ads
  • 9. Content is KING
    Step 6
    Keep it coming, keep it fresh
    Record the moments, help your Instructors understand the Power of the Network, get them recording
    Then get the students recording and sharing
    Get involved in the PowerPerformance Community site, post, share, comment, upload and get others to do so
    Watch this site for Special Promotions for YOU, the Instructors and for the students
    Content is the FUEL that keeps our ENGINES RACING!!!
  • 10. Never STOP Growing
    Step 7
    A Network knows no Bounds, neither does an Annuity!
    Never STOP
    Keep supporting the existing Instructors
    Keep looking for more to join
    Once you reach that Tipping Point, blow right on through
    Heres a parting thought: do you just have to sign up Instructors only ????
  • 11. The Math
    So, how much money can you make?
    Its simple MATH
    Sign Up 25 Instructors
    Each Instructor sells 2 Units a day
    200 Working days
    You just made $100,000
  • 12. What to do NEXT?
    Email Carl at