Playing rummy games is sin

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Playing Rummy Games is Sin ? Perfection at its finest !!!..

Its amusing how people have been falling for this trap for years. Arent there some elders in our families who antagonise card games? Dont they scream with aghast when they see us playing any card games?

To support their claim, they will cite some historical references like Mahabharata epic where gambling in a dice game resulted in a war that brought a catastrophe.

While this might be true to some extent as far as gambling goes, does it sound sensible to equate all card games with gambling? And are dice games and card games one and the same?

There are quite a few card games like poker where gambling, betting takes the centre stage. But those are games where chance plays a bigger role superseding the skills.

It can be postulated that games like Poker, Teenpatti are also skill based but practically you cannot undermine the role chance plays in such games.

Card games like Rummy are purely skill based.It is the strategies and tricks that you deploy during the course of the game, that determine your winning chances.

Unlike poker, where the rules are complex and tedious, rummy is fairly a simple game with straightforward rules. This is one of the main reasons why many players all over India choose online Rummy ahead of other card games.

We have also mentioned about the legality of playing online rummy games. If the game is illegal, we wouldnt see players swarming many rummy sites in huge numbers to play. Rummy is similar to games like Chess, Puzzles, and Sudoku which helps to groom the intellect in us. Just like other games where we see gripping contents, rummy can be as gripping and spellbinding when played between talented players.

Rummy games are extremely rewarding when compared to other games considering the limited effort you are required to put in. DeccanRummy offers several excitingoffers & promotionsto our players that they never look beyond us. You can check our existing promotions by clicking the promotions tab on our website.

So, the next time when someone complains about playing rummy simply shrug your shoulders nonchalantly and make them read our blog entries.

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