Pixioo photographers Controlling light- a vital step in photography

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  1. 1. Pixioo photographers Controlling light- a vital step in photography. Light, an essential component of photography, is used by the Pixioo photographers judiciously. With the correct use of light they create a world of magic in the arena of photography. The term photography itself highlights two words: light and graphics .So it is basically drawing with light. The success of the photographer lies in the understanding the nature of light and the technique to control it .Usage of light is very crucial as it is not merely about how bright or dark it appears .It is the key to mood, ambience and the overall look of your image. It can modify, alter, add and change the texture of your images. Harsh and direct light creates strong and well defined shadows while if you make the shadows with diffused light they are soft. Such handy tips can definitely change you to a smart photographer. Understanding the nature of light and controlling it: Three basic characteristics of light that ultimately make your images are : the level of harshness or softness the direction of light the colour Tips to control light: Lighting position: The direction of the light source determines the shadow and its position in respect to the subject. Colour of different sources of light have a great impact on the appearance and mood of the subject. Aperture, allows to determine the amount of light you need and that sets the image on roll. Shutter speed also allows to control the under or over exposure of light .This dimension of light can be used aesthetically to portray various emotions. ISO, the third variable, can be of slow, medium or fast speed .The ISO setting can provide you with the tool with which you can change the setting of your camera for each and every click. Last but not the least is the setting and this depends on the type of the event. To have the best experience of playing with lights, you can refer to the service of Singapore photographers, especially the Pixioo photographers