OTABOOKINGS.com - The Travel Agency solution for Vacation Rentals

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Text of OTABOOKINGS.com - The Travel Agency solution for Vacation Rentals

  • is the largest agency platform of Europe, Turkey & MENA with over

    25,000 vacation rentals.

  • OTABOOKINGS is the answer for your clients looking for an alternative to hotels

    Are your clients looking for vacation rentals, villas, studios and apartments in Europe, Turkey and MENA?

    Do you spend too much time searching for home owners / property managers around the world?

    Do you have a difficult time in communications & negotiations with these hosts?


    OTABOOKINGS.com is here to resolve these issues!

  • OTABOOKINGS is a FREE to join platform offering the largest selection of vacation

    rentals in Turkey & Europe

    Free access to over 25,000 properties villas, studios, apartments.

    24/7 access to English, French, German, Russian, Turkish and Arabic speaking account managers for all your questions.

    Free to use for agencies commissions are dynamically adjusted and charged to the travelers.

    Variety of payment methods accepted (credit card, wire transfer, PayPal)


  • OTABOOKINGS is the Agency Solution of Flat4Day.com for Europe & Turkey.

    Since 2011, Flat4Day is the leading short-term and vacation rental platform of Turkey and Europe.

    Our portal features over 25,000 properties and 250,000 members from all over the world.

    In 2013, OTABOOKINGS was launched, opening our inventory & platform to leading travel agencies in Europe and MENA region, giving service in Arabic, Turkish, French, German, Russian and English.


  • You Deal with your Clients, We Deal with Property Owners and Managers

    OTABOOKINGS team communicates with home owners in their native languages to secure property details and availabilities.

    Our managers help you find the best accommodations from the region covering all sorts of budgetary and travel needs.

    You can dynamically change the commission you charge to your clients per property.

    When you are ready, you make the booking!


  • Booking and Payment Processes are secure

    OTABOOKINGS guarantees that what your client sees is what he gets.

    Once the payment is executed by the agency, the payment is held securely by our platform until the day after the clients check-in date.

    Within the first 24-hours following the check-in date, the client has the right to cancel the transaction i f there are any misrepresentations.

    Our platform is designed to receive and process payments from all over the world.


  • Easily Find Properties, Ask Questions & Make a Reservation!


  • Easy Booking Process!

    Agency makes booking on OTABOOKINGS via using any of the following payment methods: Credit card, Bank Transfer, PayPal.

    Agency pays OTABOOKINGS the prices stated, no extra fees!

    Agency recoups OTABOOKINGS price and its own commission from its client.

    Agency keeps it well-deserved commission!


  • How Can We Work Together?

    Let us know if you are interested!

    Send us an email at either: info@flat4day.com


    Call us at: +44 208 816 84 75

    Let us explain further how our system works!