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  1. 1. Medical Treatment Solutions www.medicaltreatmentsolutions.com
  2. 2. Gone are the days, when people use to go from one place to another using bicycle or just walking long distances. Now not only men but also women are equally driving big vehicles on roads. The traffic on roads are increasing a lot and if we see the statistics of past few years the road accidents has increased a lot. But with the increase in the youngsters doing rash driving, the list of well versed orthopedics has also increased very much. Rather why to blame only accidents?
  3. 3. It is very rightly said by our ancestors, the thing that has to happen will happen. Then let it be a road accident or a simple slip of leg on floor. But no worries no a days, people who have need to have a orthopedic surgery or any treatment related to ortho is now available in India in many a reputed hospitals one being Medical Treatment Solutions.
  4. 4. There are many parts of human body that need orthopedic surgery either after an unfortunate accident or due to age. Some of these are listed below. Total Knee Replacement (Unilateral) Total Knee Replacement (Bilateral) Hip Replacement (Unilateral) Hip Replacement (Bilateral) Fracture Neck Femur (Bipolar Arthroplasty/Multiple Screw Fixation Diagnostic Arthroscopy Arthroscopic Surgery ( Other Than Acl) / Menisectomy
  5. 5. Medical Treatment aims to offers a medical treatment to not only who need treatment related to orthopedics but also to any type and related to any part of the body. Other areas of medical treatment offered by Medical Treatment Solutions Neurology Cardiology E.N.T Oncology Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics Ophthalmology Cosmetic Surgery IVF And Many more
  6. 6. We at Medical Treatment Solutions aim to provide services and assistance for medical care in India. We help patients from all around the world in getting the most affordable and efficient diagnosis, treatment, medication and other medical facilities in India for several ailments and disorders.
  7. 7. Medical Treatment Solutions 282 Wardhman Crown Mall Sector-19 Dwarka, New Delhi Phone : +91 9911-4094-94 E-mail : info@medicaltreatmentsolutions.com