Orsola Albano Interior Designer with Albano Mobili

Orsola Albano

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Orsola AlbanoInterior Designer with Albano Mobili

Interior Designer with Albano Mobili

Orsola Albano is a principle designer at Albano Mobili in Durazzano, Italy. Albano Mobili Furniture and Orsola Albano are names that are well trusted in the industry. Orsola Albano’s keen eye for design has made Albano Mobili one of the top design firms in the country. Orsola Albano and Albano Mobili are with you every step of the way in the process of designing and completing your kitchen, bathroom or whole house design and remodel.

Designer in Durazzano

Orsola Albano is a professional interior designer with Albano Mobili in Durazzano, Italy. Durazzano is a city in the Province of Benevento where you can find Orsola Albano in the showroom working with customers to create the design that they are looking for. He has been responsible for creating beautiful living spaces not only for people all over the Durazzano area, but also around the world.

25 Years in the Business - Orsola Albano

Orsola Albano has been a professional designer for the last 25 years. As a principle with Albano Mobili, Orsola Albano is responsible for creating new and vibrant living spaces for customers all over the world. He enjoys working for Albano Mobili, which was established in the 1970's and is a family run business.

Orsola Albano

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