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Online Banking

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  • 1. Presented By, Anindita Khatua Poulima Biswas Anamika Dey

2. i.WHAT IS ONLINE BANKING..3ii. INVOLVEMENT OF DATABASE IN ONLINE BANKING4 iii. INDIVIDUAL DATA STORE..5iv. COSTS & BENEFITS TRADITIONAL BANKING.6 v. COSTS & BENEFITS OG ONLINE BANKING.7 vi. DIFFERENT FEATURES..8 vii. OPENING & MAINTANING BANK ACCOUNT.9 viii. ETHICAL & LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES.10 ix. SCREEN SHOTS..11-16 x. CONCLUSION.17 3. The type of data stored about individuals includes: oAccount details such as balance. oUsernames and passwords that enables to log on. oPersonal details 4. WHAT ARE THE COSTS AND BENEFITS OF TRADITIONAL BANKING? Benefits of traditional banking may include comfort of the familiar confidence about privacy and security availability of expert advice and customer service.Costs of traditional banking may include limited access more paper to file possible account fees. 5. WHAT ARE THE COSTS AND BENEFITS OF ONLINE BANKING? Benefits of online banking may include convenience 24-7 availability ease of updating transaction records.Costs may include time to learn system concern about privacy and security reduced relationship with bank possible account fees. 6. Online banking usually offers features such as: Up-to-date bank statements Transfer of funds between the customers different accounts Account details of customer Transaction history of customer 7. There are a number of steps through which the customers go, when banking online. Customers need to log on Security information Account information and services available Account details 8. The databases maintaining a good security system.Not exposing the customers data to the Bank employees. Not exposing the customers other identification details to the public. 9. In this page customer & manager do everything after log in. 10. For money transfer from one account to another account of same user 11. After transfering the money user can see the transaction history through this. 12. User can see his/her own account details. 13. Manager can only see the customer details and add new account and also create new account of any new customer... 14. After log out coming back to the home page.. 15. Online banking is to making transactions through online posses and make costumer more beneficial. The strategy of bank is to provide value added services and products to the customers, Utilizing the internet extensively.